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The U.S. Manufacturing industry is one of the most exciting, innovative and vibrant places for graduates in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology programs to begin and build a career. The industry is growing and employers are seeking bright, talented young people who are studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).
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We encourage parents and students to consider all of the educational opportunities available to them. As baby boomers retire, U.S. manufacturing will need more engineers of all types in manufacturing, design, bio-medical, aerospace, etc. In addition, we need to replace the baby boomers who are retiring as computer numerical control (CNC) machinists, computer-aided designers (CAD), quality control and production technicians.
Engineering degrees require a Bachelor’s Degree from an Engineering School. Manufacturing production careers require an Associate Degree. Students can find terrific advanced manufacturing technology degree programs at many community colleges. AMT works locally with The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC) member schools which can be found in most major cities, and can set up an internship with a local manufacturing company. Explore our online career pathways tool for more information.    
Through our education partnerships with NCATC schools and other four-year engineering colleges and universities around the country, we are working to funnel the best candidates to U.S. manufacturing connecting students to internships while they are still in school and to jobs with employers when they are at or near graduation.

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AMT is working to shape policy and the national conversation about the new innovations in technology and the impact of those changes on young people with respect to the education that you will need now and in the future to stay ahead. Read about AMT’s vision on behalf of the U.S. and our member companies in the Manufacturing Mandate for Smartforce Development.

Where should I begin?

Participate in “real-world” experience through an internship or apprenticeship program with a manufacturing company in 3D printing (additive manufacturing), aerospace, automotive, bio-medical, personal communications device technology, energy, and more, then earn your degree.
Become part of U.S. manufacturing's Smartforce
Greg Jones
Vice President, Smartforce Development
Phone: 703-827-5203

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