If IMTS visitors remember one thing, it is the fantastic balloon that appears in the front lawn of McCormick Place. Before the big orange balloon, IMTS featured a purple design, which debuted in 2004. The time has come again to retire the orange IMTS balloon and bring in a new balloon to reflect the new look of IMTS. To give a proper goodbye, the big orange IMTS balloon has embarked on a Farewell Tour, appearing at balloon festivals and races across the country.

Along with the Farewell Tour, IMTS is offering a contest in which attendees have a chance to win a ride at each of the stops along the tour! The winner and their guest have the opportunity to touch the clouds and take a ride in what will be the last tour for the big orange IMTS balloon. 

The Farewell Tour still has four more stops before the orange IMTS balloon goes into retirement. More information on the Farewell Tour and contest can be found at IMTS.com/balloon.

Stay tuned for the new IMTS balloon to be unveiled in 2016!