Michael A. McHenry, Master Chemical Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer Perrysburg, Ohio, January 26, 2017 — Master Chemical Corporation is pleased to announce that Mr. Michael A. McHenry has joined Master Chemical as Chief Executive Officer. McHenry will provide leadership, technical expertise, and strategic direction for the company implementing both short- and long-range programs that support organizational objectives, leveraging Master Chemical’s existing strengths in the specialty lubricants and metalworking industry.
McHenry has had an illustrious career in the specialty chemicals industry, most recently as Vice President for BASF’s Dispersions & Pigments division. Prior to that, he has held various commercial and technical executive positions at Ciba Specialty Corporation, Hatco Corporation, and Castrol Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University.
About Master Chemical Corporation — Master Chemical Corporation was founded on November 13, 1951. Since then, working closely with the worldwide metalworking community, Master Chemical Corporation has developed and marketed a full line of specialty cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds, and rust preventives under the TRIM® and Master STAGES™ brand trademarks. These products are both environmentally sound and when used in conjunction with Master Chemical’s XYBEX® Coolant Recycling and Filtration Systems, are the most durable and stable products available anywhere today. Master Chemical has always been committed to the safety of the people who use our products, the protection of our planet and the environment we live in, and the overall impact on our customers’ profitability. Master Chemical serves customers globally. For further information, please contact a local distributor, which you can find at
http://www.2trim.us/distributors.php, or call us at 800.537.3365, or visit
Photo: Michael A. McHenry, Master Chemical Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer