Paul R. Warndorf is Vice President - Strategic Planning for AMT. He is responsible for activities related to research and development, standards, and review of machine tool industry technology needs. He serves on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 79) Committee and is past chairman of the U.S. Department of Commerce Materials Processing Equipment Technical Advisory Committee (MPETAC). He is also the administrator of the MTConnect® Institute and serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute.

Mr. Warndorf has diverse experience as technical director and manufacturing and engineering manager in corporate and government environments. His experience includes designing manufacturing systems, managing technical investigations, and creating development plans. His current work includes the management of the development of the MTConnect® open standard for shop floor communication.
  • Assists members with a wide range of information and research activities on equipment, technical, and engineering matters.
  • Advises on technology trends, Research and Development (R&D) opportunities and funding sources, etc.
  • Sponsors and participates in many advisory groups and committees to gather technical data and guide the research community in the promotion of manufacturing technology in the U.S.
  • Promotes and participates in the development of the MTConnect standard aimed at addressing interoperability issues in the collection of data from devices on the manufacturing floor.
  • Provides support to the development of international standards for machine tool products.