Steve LesnewichManufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals

The Manufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals Workshop is an in-person training workshop for recently hired sales people and for those in application engineering or service technician positions migrating into sales.

The workshop was developed by industry-veteran Dave Poling, and is presented by Steve Lesnewich, AMT Vice President, Member Services.

This workshop provides relationship-building skills, personal branding methods, and marketing techniques. The workshop includes workbooks on The Fundamentals, as well as “The 6 Step Process of Sales” for our industry, including:

• Prospecting/Phone Qualifications
• Shop Tour & Survey
• Verification
• Justification
• Product Presentation
• Commitment
Check the calendar for the next MT Sales Fundamentals Workshop near you.

For more information or to make a reservation in your area, contact Greg Jones at, or call 703-827-5203.

Advanced Sales Training from Impact Advantage

Help your customer feel understood.

AMT members who seek a greater delivery of immediate results from their sales organization can look to our partner, Impact Advantage for advanced sales training.

Impact Advantage’s consultative selling approach moves beyond listening, discovery and articulating customer pain or gain and focuses on “what to do” to meet your customer’s exact needs using a communication style that is less forced, removes emotion and is more logical.

The root causes of most challenges in sales today can be attributed to a faulty paradigm that most sales people are taught: poor communication and conversations skills and the inability to understand what’s important to other people. Inconsistencies in these areas are the primary inhibitors of productivity, prosperity, trust and joy today – in business AND in personal life.

The Impact Advantage model strives to bring these back to the buying and selling relationship and make a positive difference to the lives of the people we work with and their customers in turn.

Why Choose Impact Advantage?
In a nutshell, your sales people will learn an initiation and discovery process that helps them uncover the value and identify the buying motives and outcomes your customers want to achieve.

Your sales people learn how to initiate and have conversations that:
  • Demonstrate to the customer that you understand the outcomes they want,
  • Establish you as the expert, and
  • Sell your solution for achieving the desired outcome.
Instead of talking about your company, products, services, features, and benefits – things the customer is not interested in – you’ll add enormous value by delivering those outcomes that are most important to them – in a competitively distinct style that your customers will appreciate.

The Impact Advantage Approach:
Current consultative, messaging and provocative selling methods are often limited to discovering and articulating “pain or gain” and are focused on the “what to do” and logic of business case and ROI.

In our experience, the majority of sales people struggle to execute these conversations effectively, because they feel forced and unnatural. Our clients tell us that our new and unique “how to” sales communication system, helps to uncover the emotional and logical elements of the buying decision and:
  • makes a profound impact on customer focus and customer value
  • helps sellers AND buyers discover six additional, often emotional, unexpressed professional and personal buying motives – that the client may not have considered or even been aware of – that can be connected back to your products and services
  • works very effectively with today’s informed buyers by leveraging industry trends, insights and subject matter   expertise to reset the buying/decision cycle so that additional value creation can take place
  • guides buyer AND seller to make better and more informed buying and selling decisions
  • significantly improves written, conversation and communication skills fluency – so important for maximizing   Social Selling
  • is much easier to execute than provocative or consultative selling for the middle 60% of sales people,   consultants, solution engineers and non-sales people (not just top performers)
  • forms authentic, long term, mutually rewarding relationships and friendships that transcend the transaction and elevate status from vendor to trusted business partner

For more information, contact Impact Advantage.