Manufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals

Steve Lesnewich
The Manufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals Workshop is an in-person training workshop for recently hired salespeople and for those in application engineering or service technician positions migrating into sales. The workshop was developed by industry-veteran Dave Poling and is presented by Steve Lesnewich, AMT Vice President, Member Services.

This workshop provides relationship-building skills, personal branding methods, and marketing techniques. The workshop includes workbooks on The Fundamentals, as well as “The 6 Step Process of Sales” for our industry, including:

• Prospecting/Phone Qualifications
• Shop Tour & Survey
• Verification
• Justification
• Product Presentation
• Commitment

This workshop is an optional first step towards earning the CMTSE - the only nationally recognized program that certifies the skills and knowledge of manufacturing technology sales engineers. Note: participation in a Sales Fundamentals Workshop does not result in CMTSE certification. Learn how to earn the CMTSE. 
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For more information or to make a reservation in your area, contact Greg Jones at, or call 703-827-5203.