Why China?

  • China has been the world's largest machine tool market since 2002 and consumes over 40% of world machine tool production
  • The largest automotive and motorcycle manufacturing nation in the world
  • The largest motorcycle, high speed railway, industrial robot, wind power, manufacturing nation of PCs, home appliances, cell phone markets in the world 
  • The longest high speed railway network in the world
  • The second largest economy in the world
  • The second largest FDI destination in the world 

Where are the Markets?

  • Yangtze Delta (Jiangsu province, Shanghai and Zhejiang province)
    Machine building, automotive, shipbuilding, electronics, die & mould, white goods, aerospace, power generation, steel, standard components, construction machinery, medical instruments
  • Pearl River Delta (Guangdong province)
    Automotive, motorcycle, electronics, white goods, die& mould, medical instrument, construction machinery, shipbuilding
  • Bo Hai Gulf (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province and Shandong province)
    Machine building, automotive, locomotive & rolling stock, shipbuilding, electronics, medical instrument, wind power, aerospace, construction machinery
  • Northeast (Liaoning province, Jilin province, Heilongjiang province)
    Machine building, automotive, steel, aircraft, power generator, locomotive & rolling stock
  • Southwest & Middle west (Sichuan province, Chongqing, Guizhou province, Hunan province, Hubei province)
    Motorcycle, defense, automotive, power generation, aerospace, construction machinery


Products and Services

 MASS (Market Access & Sales Services)

Jumpstart and accelerate your business abroad with our new direct sales support service. MASS will generate qualified sales leads and arrange periodic meetings where you can interact with your customers directly to further develop your active inquiries

 Field Services

Technicians are available by proxy hire or using AMT's local engineers abroad. Technicians are available for on-site visits, training and customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. Services can include: Installation, setup and troubleshooting 

 Proxy Hires/Outsourcing

This services allows participants to "direct hire" local candidates, with AMT overseeing all of the employer responsibilities including: job description and advertising, candidate search and interviews, compensation and benefits guidance. This allows U.S. companies to provide direct services within China without the need to establish a company practice off-site


Our Shanghai Tech Center has a showroom at 70m2 available for training and technical seminars, live demonstrations, test parts machining, part run-offs, parts machining and temporary duty-free release of imported machines for demonstration purposes. This room is equipped with air conditioners, 380V/250KVA power supply, compressed air, and 24hr security

  Warehousing Options

Warehousing gives our members the unique ability to store machines abroad for demos, trade shows and to be eventually sold without having to return to the United States in between. In China, this is a thrid-party supplier with in-house management from import/export and logistics within a Free Trade Zone

 Office Space

For tech center participants, office space can be reserved on a short term or long term basis for local employees. Options range from small desks to personal offices (depending on availability). Offices also include phones, Wi-Fi and high speed internet access, network printers, conference rooms, IT services, visitor insurance, 24hr security and cleaning services


 Market Penetration Sessions

Similar to the Business Reviews Days (BRD), these sessions can be tailored to fit your specific needs on how to access the Chinese market, along with your local Chinese managers or distributors. Click here to learn more about this service


  Human Resources

On-site services include: compensation analysis, payroll administration, hiring and labor law and policies consulting


Useful Links and File Downloads

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