Dealing with the EU market economies of Central Europe has become much easier, performance of these markets has become above average, and most countries of the region have been very successful in implementing the European standards in all fields. The non-EU markets, especially in Eastern Europe and beyond, inevitably pose more problems and these problems are much more varied. Still many AMT members have managed to establish very profitable businesses in the region, and with AMT’s help you can do the same.

AMT has been active in the region for nearly three decades and today is there to help members who need assistance or are less experienced in the region. Since 2006, our regional representation has been located in Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw offers good air connection to all regional centers, while Poland is the second most important economy of the region after Russia. 

AMT regional representative, Hubert Sawicki, has shared his professional life between Poland and the United Kingdom. He has commercial, business and legal training, linguistic skills, and proven experience in business management and business consultancy. In the past Hubert has worked primarily with manufacturers and users of machine tools and with tooling and manufacturing technology in general. 

The Central and Eastern European office concentrates its activities in the following countries, ranked here by their present market importance: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary. Turkey, not a CEE country but a natural bridge between Europe and Asia has also been under the eye of CEE Office; as well as some other border countries, such as Kazakhstan, are being closely watched.

Introduction to the Region of Central and Eastern Europe

The region once conveniently called "The Eastern Block" is now populated by no less than 23 independent countries. The diversity in terms of culture and languages can surprise and even confuse visitors to the region. Some of this is rooted in the past. Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Krakow (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic) are major cities of four countries in the geographical center of Europe and of similar historical development, closely connected with Vienna. These countries, together with seven others, are now part of the European Union, therefore firmly engulfed by the Western world.
While Eastern Europe is not always perceived as having very fine cities, you will find Lvov, Kiev and Odessa in Ukraine, St Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan in Russia and even Tbilisi in Georgia as prime examples of modern cities you would be happy to visit. They are a testimony of vision and skills of the people living there working hard to develop their respective economies.

Telling Economic Indicators:
The relative economic weight of the selected countries can be highlighted by a couple of basic indicators, such as rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). These are good for CEE, and also show that figures for Russia are matching those for the markets of Brazil, India or Mexico.

Services for AMT Members

Regional distinctions, fragmentation of the market and its diversity, as well as the number of AMT members involved in business in the region, influence the activities of the CEE office. The focus is on the individual needs of a member. Our main task is to help members identify and understand their potential for business in manufacturing technology, to get a proper introduction to the market, and to establish and maintain relationships with partners in the market who are able to successfully assist in marketing of their product. 

If requested, you can receive dedicated research and advice on any of the above countries for the potential of a given product, including a comparison against local and foreign competition.

Also, if requested, the office can assist in the preparation of customized itineraries for visits to CEE countries and in contacting potential partners and sparking their interest. In some cases Hubert is available to accompany members on their travels (travel & accommodation “at cost” provided by the member) and to accompany members during such visits to cover language, local specifics and occasional unexpected situations. This service has been of particular value when members have ventured into Russia.

In recent times a number of member companies have established themselves successfully in the region with the assistance of the AMT Central and Eastern Europe office. Contact Hubert at to learn how you can get started in joining them today!



Regional Trade Fairs and Shows
Every 2 years in May the Aviation Valley of Poland, the first and largest aerospace cluster in Central and Eastern Europe, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky and United Technologies among them (, stages a popular show, an opportunity to meet top executives of all manufacturers of the cluster, involved in engineering and procurement, and to learn about their current and prospective needs. 


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