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27 August 2015

China: AMT Offices and Shanghai Technology and Service Center (STC)

Representative Offices

AMT has three representative offices and a 17,000 square foot technology and service facility in China. The Shanghai Technology and Service Center was established to support AMT members in China by providing a machine demo area, office space, and local field service support.

The AMT China Staff has compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs for members that may be of use to you as you conduct business in China.

Examples of services provided by the Representative offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou include:
  • Assistance finding representation
  • Arrange meetings with potential customers
  • Credit reports on potential customers
  • Comprehensive market and competitive analysis
  • Internal travel assistance
  • Translation oversight on promotional pieces
  • Oversight for technical translations
  • Cultural education including use of gifts
  • Trade show assistance
  • Negotiation practices
  • Tendering practices/issues
  • Sample contracts
  • Payment and collection issues
  • Banking practices (for establishing an office and opening an account)
  • Legal structures (different types)
  • Warranty fulfillment issues and sending parts into China
  • Customs support/clearance issues
  • Connections with appropriate China government officials and arranging meetings
  • Guidelines on human resource issues (FESCO fees, etc.)
  • Procedures for obtaining a Letter of Credit
  • In-country visa assistance

Shanghai Technology and Service Center  

The Shanghai Technology and Service Center has two primary activities: INCUBATE the market development in China for AMT’s less experienced companies, and FACILITATE the expansion and growth of AMT member companies already active there.

There is space for AMT members to demo machines and equipment. We have classroom space available for all members to use for training customers and giving technical presentations. Here are some of the other services that are also available through the Center.  For more information view the Participant's Manual.

A reasonable fee may be applied for some of the more comprehensive services listed below:
    • Field service support provided by AMT-China staff, or provided by your own employees working out of the Service Center
    • Floor space available for you to lease to support your company’s manufacturing, assembly, or storage activities (depending on final venue)
    • Application engineering support
    • Commodity inspection assistance at ports and/or at customer sites
    • Outsourcing and purchasing support for components
    • Invoicing in Chinese currency on behalf of members (if legally possible)
    • Sales support - visiting customers
    • Assist with recruiting and interviewing employee candidates
  • Take advantage of the China Market Penetration Strategy Development and Review Sessions, designed to help AMT members develop or validate and invigorate their sales and marketing strategy for today's China.

    The Center is staffed by a General Manager, Secretary, Technical/Applications Manager, and some number of field service personnel as determined by member requirements. An outsourcing function is also being planned. A training area will be available for your customers, and visiting members will have access to phone and internet service.

    Not sure where to start? Contact Kathy Milks at 703-827-5295 or


    Room 2507, Silver Tower
    No. 2 Dong San Huan North Road
    Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, China
    (86-10) 6410-7374
    Fax (86-10) 6410-7334 

    Xingbin Li, International Director, Asia-Pacific 
    Cell Phone:  86-13901179646

    China Office in Canada
    Suite 200, 100 Park Royal South
    West Vancouver, V7T 1A2, Canada

    Feng (Sean) Jiang
    Direct: 1-604-900-3009 (U.S. and Canada) 950-4036-0881 (China)
    Mobile: 1-778-558-5811 (U.S. and Canada) +86-13801803680 (China)

    1st Floor, Building 36
    458 North Fu Te Road
    Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
    Shanghai 200131, China
    (86-21) 5868-2809
    Fax: (86-21) 5868-2803 

    Harry Xiao, General Manager 
    Direct: (86-21) 5868-2895
    Cell Phone: 

Kathleen Milks
phone: 703-827-5295
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