AMT produces industry intelligence that will position your business for success and allow you to make informed decisions. Knowledge of the current and coming economic environment, as well as the manufacturing technology industry and its customers is the key to strategic planning.

Benchmarking Surveys & Reports

Stay competitive and gain insight by participating in human resources, accounting/finance, and market data surveys. Receive survey results at no cost, just by participating in the survey! Find out more about each of the benchmarking surveys and their value. Find out more.

Custom Research

Consider AMT's Strategic Analytics department the "reference desk" for information about understanding and conducting global business. Have a question - ask an analyst by e-mailing or calling 1-800-544-3597.

Global Forecasting & Marketing Package (GFMP)

Knowledge of the current and coming economic environment, as well as the MT industry and its customers, both in the U.S. and globally, is the key to strategic planning. You can gain this data and accompanying analysis by purchasing the GFMP. Find out more

MTInsight Business Intelligence Platform

MTInsight is an intuitive, online business intelligence tool delivering knowledge that leads to informed decision-making and increased productivity. MTInsight is based on three key elements: dynamic software, AMT's experience and analysis, and our unique data warehouse — all of the information AMT tracks on your markets, benchmarking surveys, industry trends, your competitors, customers and supply chain. Find out more at

Members Only News Feeds

MTNews covers the global manufacturing technology market, and end-user markets like motor vehicles, aerospace, appliances, medical equipment, and construction. Stay up-to-date with pertinent news on topics like executive changes, quarterly reports, new model announcements, and other trends in your customer markets. MTNEWS is updated daily.

Sell Your Product gathers the latest information on your customers in different stages of development, include current, upcoming and promising market opportunities, including type of machine, customer use, & contact information.

Industry Trends

The Economic Trends series focuses on the trends that will help you judge the magnitude and direction of fluctuations in the business cycle: general economic indicators, housing starts, industrial production, capacity utilization, motor vehicles, oil & gas, price indices, manufacturing shipments, orders, inventory and backlog, and manufacturing foreign trade.


Manufacturing Technology Trends

AMT keeps track of and disseminates the vast amounts of information relating to advancements in the manufacturing technology industry.  Find out more about Tech Trends.


MTConnect is an open communication standard that provides the capability to pass data from machine tools to higher level systems for further processing using the XML-based standard. 

The ANSI B11 series of American National Standards and Technical Reports deal with machine tool safety and specify requirements for both the suppliers and users of the machines.

The Metalworking Skill Standards are common skills and competencies a worker needs to perform well on the job.