AMT undertakes trade missions on a regular basis to help introduce member companies to unfamiliar markets. Invariably the markets promise speedy growth and are receptive to the type of technology the U.S. has to offer and the way we do business. Doors are opened and contacts made on a level which cannot be expected for individual companies.

Trade Mission visits will be organized to approximately 15 end users and potential customers for participants' products. These visits combined with other important meetings, such as economic briefings from the U.S. Department of Commerce Foreign Commercial Officers (USFCO) on site, will enable members to get a clear understanding of their potential for success if they choose to develop a business strategy to pursue that market.

AMT's staff will work together with the members to organize every detail of the mission from visits to end users, USFCO meetings, interpreters, local transportation, hotels and even restaurants. Experienced AMT staff will be with you throughout the mission and will work with each participant to ensure that individual objectives are met.

Upcoming Trade Missions: India 2017

Sponsored by the Global Marketing & Sales Committee (GM&S) and the Chennai Tech Centre (CTC) in India

Who should attend:

AMT members who want to develop more business in India

What to Expect:

  1. Visit top manufacturing companies and meet their key management people and/or owners. There is no better way to make good connections! This includes visits to International and Domestic companies
  2. Gain an understanding of the investment climate for automotive, aircraft, medical appliance, and job shops supporting these industries.
  3. Learn about the Best Practices of peers in the industry with regards to product availability, technical service, HR, warehousing and more
  4. Dinner networking opportunities with peers and potential customers
  5. Link the trip to close with a visit to participate in the IMTEX show in Bangalore
Click here for additional information on this trip - PDF

What's New:

January 19th - January 24th: Trade Mission

January 25th - February 1st: IMTEX Show in Bangalore

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This group will visit up to 10 companies within Pune and Bangalore
Wednesday 1/19 Thursday 1/20 Friday 1/21 Saturday 1/22 Sunday 1/23
Arrival to PUNE
Hotel TBD
Briefing Session
Company Visit 1
Company Visit 2
Company Visit 3
Company Visit 4
Company Visit 5
Company Visit 6
Depart for Bangalore
Free Day

Monday 1/23 Tuesday 1/24 Wednesday 1/25 Thursday 1/26 - 2/1
Company Visit 7
Company Visit 8
Company Visit 9
Company Visit 10
Wrap-up Dinner and Debrief
IMTEX Booth Prep
(For those remaining on site)
IMTEX Metal Cutting Show

*The balance of the prorated expense will be invoiced by AMT upon return from our trip. Your cost is estimated to be +/- $1,000 plus airfare, hotel, and meals.

+Registration to begin late 2016

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Christopher at 703-827-5296.