Exhibitions, trade fairs and shows remain important venues for getting one’s name promoted in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. While nearly every country in the region stages an event related to manufacturing technology, a few of them offer you the best return on your participation investment.

The following 2016 top venues, some of them encompassing Eurasia, should be helpful in the marketing efforts:

METALLOOBRABOTKA, May 23-27, 2016 - Moscow, Russia
17th International Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for Metalworking Industry

The most important and professional specialized show in Russia – this is the Russian IMTS. In 2015 some eighteen AMT members had their machines and equipment on display during the show, and the AMT representative visited the show to support them. The organizers of the show visited IMTS 2014.

Russia remains the largest manufacturing technology buyer in the region, although at present it goes through the period of difficulties.


MACH-TECH, May 24-27, 2016 – Budapest, Hungary
International Trade Exhibition for Machine Manufacturing and Welding Technology 

This event is a part of larger exhibition, and it also includes industrial automation, 3D printing, subcontracting.

Hungary is not a large market but quite strong in precision engineering and new technologies. In 2015 a dozen of members exhibited and the AMT representative had an opportunity to witness their good going.


METALSHOW, June 1-4, 2016 - Bucharest, Romania
International exhibition for metalworking technologies, welding and robotics

Organized for the second time this new show is to replace the TIB show traditionally staged in October at the same venue. Indeed TIB 2015 showed the signs of contraction. AMT will monitor the events.

Romania is in need to modernize. Already a substantial economy, it is gradually overcoming its financial restraints and becoming more attractive as a technology market.


MACH-TOOL, June 7–10, 2016 - Poznan, Poland
MACH-TOOL Machines and Tools Exhibition, part of 95th ITM POLAND Technology Fair, which also includes welding and surface treatment
In 2015 eighteen AMT members had their equipment on display in Poznan, and were mostly pleased with the response. AMT was there to help.

Poland is the only country in Europe not to suffer recession in more than 20 years. It has also become the leader in manufacturing technology imports in the region of Central but also of Southern Europe, competing in terms of figures with Turkey only.


METALTECH, September 14-17, 2016 – Almaty, Kazakhstan
METALTECH is becoming the main show in Central Asia for metalworking industries, including metal cutting and metal forming machine tools and equipment. Not a large yet but promising event.

Kazakhstan in the years to come intends to spend a substantial part of its rich revenues from immeasurable national resources to industrialize the country, especially in the metal engineering sector. Worth watching.


MSV, October 3-7, 2016 - Brno, Czech Republic
International Engineering Fair, the traditional venue for mechanical, electrical and precision engineering, industrial machinery 
In 2016 it will also include a specialized machine tool section, IMT. 

In recent years Czech Republic has economically become the most developed country of the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and its engineering sector makes the country proud.

TOOLEX, October 4-6, 2016 - Exposilesia nr Katowice, Poland
9th International Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology Fair 

This show has gained a reputation as clearly specialized and well located, an industry-focused competition to the traditional Mach-Tool in Poznan. In 2016 it will also coincide with the show in Brno, and the distance between the two locations is some 200 km. Both well recommended. 

In response to the needs of its ever stronger engineering community Poland has now no less but 4 shows devoted to the manufacturing technology.

MAKTEK EURASIA, October 11-16, 2016 – Istanbul, Turkey
International fair for machine tools, sheet metal processing machines, tools and equipment, and manufacturing technology in general 

Turkey is the largest market in the Southern Eastern Europe / Western Asia, a substantial economy and of a diversified engineering industry, aiming at becoming one of the 10th largest economies of the world. AMT is traditionally represented, to help a good number of members, usually coming to the Istanbul venue.