The vast majority of the new business in our industry takes place outside of the United States. 

Through the AMT Tech Centers, members can cost-effectively hire local employees, offer in-country field service capability to customers and expect in-depth, hands-on business development support based on local market intelligence and experience.

Tech Centers are set up to help members implement the three fundamental truths of selling internationally:

  1. Presence in a market - and offering local support services - is critical to sell there.
  2. At least one good, local person working full time for your company for face-to-face engagement with your customers is essential.
  3. A long-term strategy and presence is necessary to penetrate and succeed in a foreign market.

China: Shanghai Technology and Service Center (STC)

AMT has representative offices and a 17,000 square foot technology and service facility in China. The Shanghai Technology and Service Center was established to support AMT members in China by providing a machine demo area, office space, and local field service support.

Mexico: Monterrey Technology Center (MTC)

AMT has a representative office in Mexico and a Technology Service Center. Learn more about the Monterrey Technology & Services Center.

India: Chennai Technology Centre (CTC)

AMT technology centre providing support services in India for AMT members.

Brazil: Sao Paulo Technology & Service Center (SPTC)

AMT has a Representative office in Brazil and a Technology and Service Center. Learn more about the Sao Paulo Technology & Service Center.

Central & Eastern Europe: AMT Representative Office (CEE)

AMT's Central & Eastern European office is located in Warsaw, Poland, and provides services throughout the region for AMT members.