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AMT members make, sell, service, and support cutting-edge technology in a global market. AMT's goal is to provide the programs and services that will grow members' business in every facet--product innovation, market expansion, employee development - and to represent and promote members and the MT industry to the world at large. 

Want to join AMT? Read on to determine what kind of membership your company may be eligible for. (Note - AMT does not have individual memberships.) 

AMT has three categories of membership: 


Regular Members Research & Education Affiliates Commercial Affiliates
U.S.-based firms who design, build, sell, and service manufacturing technology.  U.S. educational institutions, organizations, and centers that have a program structured to aid in the advancement of the manufacturing technology industry and the ongoing development of a U.S. Smartforce. U.S.-based firms engaged in the manufacturing technology industry, i.e. media or publishing, financial services providers, etc.
Regular Member Benefits Research & Education Affiliate Benefits Commercial Affiliate Benefits
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For more information on AMT membership, please contact Melissa Williamson, Membership Administrator, at or 703-827-5272.

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