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AMT News - November 2016
 - GFMC 2016 delivers insight on future of MFG industry
 - There's more that unites us than divides us
 - MTInsight – USMTO Territory Wizard coming soon
 - How did you spend Manufacturing Day?
        … and much more  (more)
GFMC 2016 delivers insight on future of MFG industry
More than 200 advanced manufacturing leaders attended AMT’s Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference last month, Oct. 19-21, in Miami, Florida. The only market data event targeted to the manufacturing technology industry, GFMC speakers identified emerging developments and business forecasts to help small- to medium-sized businesses fine tune their strategic plan for optimal performance in 2017.   (more)
And then there was one…
How does Congress and the new administration move forward post-election? November marks the beginning of life after the 2016 elections. Now that the voters have spoken, do those we elected have the will and the courage to change course and unite in a common mission to address this country’s challenges?  (more)
There’s more that unites us than divides us
By the time you read this, another Election Day will be in the books, with voters speaking on their choices: new president, new members of Congress (or new terms for incumbents), a few states with new governors, and many other state and local issues that will appear on ballots nationwide.  (more)
USMTO Territory Wizard coming soon
We are in the final testing stages for the launch of the USMTO Territory Wizard within MTInsight.  The app was built to help participants better understand how their custom-defined territories are performing while allowing the users to perform “what if” scenario analyses in real time.  (more)
Market Data Review - November 2016
AMT visited Miami in October to present the 45th annual Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference, and it was once again one of the most outstanding offerings the association regularly presents to its members. This column is going to highlight lesser-known forecasting products available to AMT members. AMT’s Strategic Analytics group is your in-house forecasting resource and can easily save you more than you pay in member dues on an annual basis.   (more)
Attention CMTSEs: Renewals are due
If you earned your CMTSE credential or last recertified in 2013, your professional designation was due for renewal November 1. However, AMT understands how busy your schedule can be and will accept late renewals for a limited time.   (more)
Commerce Department, NIST roll out new advanced manufacturing resources
U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) celebrated Manufacturing Day in grand style by announcing two new resources to expedite advanced manufacturing technology in America.  (more)
Smart operations can unlock efficiency and flexibility
Lean and Six Sigma, the traditional practices companies use to ensure continuous improvement and reduced variability along the assembly line, can no longer address the modern complexities of the industrial manufacturing industry. That’s why successful businesses increasingly are augmenting their value chains with “smart operations,” which optimize processes well beyond the factory walls.  (more)
Get your defects on the map
Problem-solving tools have limitations. Data is often needed to supplement the process. Current graphical tools are histograms, run charts, scatter plots, box plots, paretos and statistical plots. These tools don’t provide a big picture. They are often limited to specific features or dimensions. The solution is an observational analysis or defect map to provide a broader view.   (more)
Reducing the intimidation factor for manufacturing IT
Managing IT systems for manufacturing sometimes presents unique challenges and depends on special expertise, but even as computers proliferate and networks become more complex, the intimidation factor is often overblown. Nearly every production environment now includes an IT component for applications like file sharing and DNC systems, shop floor CAM, barcode scanners, or equipment monitoring.  (more)
Solid Freeform Fabrication 2016 Annual International Symposium
Last August, additive manufacturing experts from all over the world came to the Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, a three-day event on the University of Texas campus in Austin. This year’s event featured a total of 337 oral presentations and 54 technical posters.  (more)
Capitalizing on the positive impact created by IMTS 2016
I know that after every IMTS you end up with a bundle of leads and follow-up activities from domestic and international customers. That brings me to introduce AMT Latin America Market Access Sales Support (MASS) Service, launched by AMT Global Services last year to help you capitalize on all those international inquiries and the initial follow-up efforts, in case you require a bit more effort than usual to realize a potential sale.  (more)
Global growth - A time for action
It is a good time to be an international player. Exports are now contributing to the U.S. GDP at the highest level in three years. From the perspective of AMT members, the world is full of opportunities as advanced manufacturing takes hold in both mature and emerging markets. Smart, Agile, Connected, Automated … IIoT, Industry 4.0, Additive, Digital … all key words in the manufacturing dialogue around the world. And they are looking to AMT members for solutions. It is a time for action.  (more)
How did you spend Manufacturing Day?
There were thousands of MFG Day events held around the country on October 7 and in the days preceding. Were you able to host or attend any events in support of manufacturing?  (more)
New Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE - November 2016
CMTSE exam questions are developed by the Certification Committee, which includes machine tool distributors, builders, sales engineers, customers and allied industry representatives. The exam is a knowledge-based, online exam consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have three hours to complete the examination. Find out more about becoming a CMTSE.  (more)
AMT News - November 2016 Interactive pdf
 - GFMC 2016 delivers insight on future of MFG industry
 - There's more that unites us than divides us
 - MTInsight – USMTO Territory Wizard coming soon
 - How did you spend Manufacturing Day?
       … and much more  (more)
AMT News - October 2016

- It's almost time: manufacturers, make the vote
- AMT and SME announce new regional event partnership
- IMTS 2016: Excitement, Engagement, Success
- Are you leveraging all that IMTS 2016 had to offer?
      … and much more

It’s almost time: manufacturers, make the vote!
More than 80 million people watched the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – the most watched in television history. That tells me Americans are paying attention and are engaged. Now they must get to the polls. Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching. So are the deadlines to file an absentee ballot. Please urge your colleagues, workers, family and friends to be aware of these dates and #MakeTheVote for manufacturing. Visit for important dates and election information in your state.   (more)
AMT and SME announce new regional event partnership
AMT and SME have announced a major new partnership for a series of regional co-branded trade shows focused on the manufacturing technology industry. The collaboration encompasses the existing EASTEC, WESTEC, SOUTH-TEC, HOUSTEX, and Mfg4 events.  (more)
What does it mean to be a woman in manufacturing?
It was my fourth time at IMTS this year, and walking the halls in this most recent edition, I had two thoughts about the attendees. First: Wow, they are really getting younger! Second: There are a lot more women here, and (thankfully) they aren’t just “booth talent.”  (more)
Can you hear me now?
It’s Monday morning, 9:45 a.m. on Sept. 12, 2016 — the first day of IMTS 2016. I’m standing in the middle of the Grand Concourse looking around, waiting for the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting, enjoying the frenzy and realizing that I can’t hear a darn thing. The din is literally overwhelming.   (more)
Market Data Review - October 2016
One more IMTS is in the books and it proved to be another fantastic show for our industry with more than 115,000 attendees and a record number of exhibitors. On display throughout McCormick Place was a wide variety of new and improved technologies – things that make the United States among the most innovative countries in the world. And while the show may have been a great success and spurred millions of dollars in new orders, it’s important to be prepared for when the IMTS Effect wears off.   (more)
Who did you miss at IMTS 2016?
IMTS 2016 was another blockbuster success with thousands of attendees pouring into McCormick Place for six days. Did you reach 100 percent of your target market? Did they all stop by your booth? These are the questions exhibitors start asking as they go through their post-show follow-up process.
The IMTS Exhibitor Passport is the answer to the question: Who did I miss?  (more)
IMTS 2016: Excitement, Engagement, Success
Show sees 115,612 registrants, most-ever exhibitors, ground breaking technology  (more)
Meet AMIE: The future of daily living
One of the more eye-catching exhibits at IMTS 2016 was the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) project. Displayed in AMT's Emerging Technology Center, AMIE is comprised of a 3D-printed high-performance mobile home and 3D-printed natural gas-fueled hybrid-electric vehicle. Both work together to produce, consume and store renewable energy.  (more)
Manufacturing brighter futures
Another IMTS has come and gone, and with it a new generation of the Smartforce Student Summit has been launched. More than 17,000 students, scouts, teachers, administrators, scout troop leaders and parents attended the Student Summit, and in a word, you could say that they were engaged.  (more)
Gene Haas Foundation grants $100,000 in scholarships
On the third day of the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2016, the Gene Haas Foundation announced $100,000 in scholarships to 100 high schools who applied and attended the summit.  (more)
WARDJet donates two waterjets
The Missouri University of Science and Technology Machining Lab Team and the Laureate Machine and Automation Team were named winners of the Build It! challenge at the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2016, each taking home a WARDJet waterjet cutting machine.  (more)
AMT Experience – a place to relax
AMT hosted the first-ever AMT Experience and Member Lounge at IMTS 2016. The Experience provided AMT members and guests with a relaxing environment to escape the show floor, connect with other members and customers, and learn more about AMT’s offerings. Several meeting rooms were available where members could conduct private meetings with their customers and staff.  (more)
Georgia Tech student takes first place in MTConnect Student Challenge
Ethan Wescoat of Georgia Tech was named the first-place, $10,000 winner of the MTConnect Student Challenge – Application Competition. Along with Wescoat, the second- and tahird-place winners and one finalist were named on the opening day of IMTS in an award presentation that included comments from Tracy Frost with the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  (more)
Are you leveraging all that IMTS 2016 had to offer?
The anticipation and prep work for exhibitors at IMTS is huge. The energy and excitement during the show is contagious and consuming. “Sell, sell, sell” is the theme of the week. And what a show it was! There was no shortage of global prospects this year with more than 115,000 people attending from 119 different countries. International visitors numbered in excess of 15,000.  (more)
Process chains: thoughts from CIRP’s General Assembly 2016
In August, I spent a week at the General Assembly of the International Academy of Production Engineering (commonly known by its French acronym CIRP) in Guimarães, Portugal. The General Assembly is a venue to listen, observe and discuss the advancements in all things manufacturing. Most topics are reports on basic research, but the authors are often leading experts in their fields and most have direct or indirect experience with industry.  (more)
Export control definitions updated for materials process equipment
The Materials Processing Equipment Technical Advisory Committee advises the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Export Administration on technical questions that affect the level of export controls. MPETAC covers articles, materials and supplies of metalworking equipment, numerically controlled machine tools and robots.  (more)
AMT News - October 2016 Interactive pdf
- It's almost time: manufacturers, make the vote
- AMT and SME announce new regional event partnership
- IMTS 2016: Excitement, Engagement, Success
- Are you leveraging all that IMTS 2016 had to offer?
      … and much more  (more)
AMT and SME Announce Major Partnership to Co-Produce Five Manufacturing Events
The Association For Manufacturing Technology and SME have announced a major new partnership for a series of regional trade shows focused on the manufacturing technology industry. The collaboration encompasses the existing EASTECWESTECSOUTH-TECHOUSTEX, and Mfg4 events.  (more)
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AMT News - September 2016
Market Snapshot
 - Durable manufacturing trends
 - Is your business facing an uncertain future?
 - New data available for Map U.S. Markets
 - China – the world's biggest machine tool market
   … and more  (more)
Challenge accepted!
How do you get more young people interested in careers in manufacturing? You challenge them. And you draft a terrific group of partners to help you challenge them! At the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2016, schools will be engaged in some of the most interesting, interactive and engaging challenges that our industry can put in front of them.   (more)
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China – The world’s biggest machine tool market
China is the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP. Until 2015 China still is one of the world's fastest-growing major economies, with growth rates of almost 10 percent on average every year over the last 30 years.   (more)
3D printing comes of age in the manufacturing industry
Just this year, UPS launched an on-demand 3D printing manufacturing network, which links UPS’s world-class global logistics network with 3D printers at more than 60 of The UPS Store locations across the United States. The company does this via Fast Radius’ On Demand Production Platform™ and 3D printing factory at the UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky. UPS invested in Fast Radius in 2015, to learn more about 3D printing and its potential while bringing the benefits to its customers.  (more)
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An introduction to closed-loop gear manufacturing
The traditional gear cutting process looks like this: cut the material, measure the material, pre-finish the material into a gear, measure the gear, finish the gear, and measure it again. This typically involves specialty tooling running on specialty machines. Advances in hardware, software and inspection technology have led to the possibility of closed-loop cells. A closed-loop system automatically matches a finished product to its design concept.  (more)
New data for Map U.S. Markets available
Map U.S. Markets is a free mapping tool available to all MTInsight subscribers that helps identify where concentrations of customer industries are located and whether those industries are growing or contracting within selectable geographic regions.   (more)
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Market Data Review - September 2016
The durable manufacturing sector – the customer base for manufacturing technology ­– has languished over the past 12 months. Capacity utilization levels for durable manufacturing have moved modestly between 75.3 percent and 76.1 percent but have varied widely by industry.  (more)
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Is your business facing an uncertain future? Don’t go it alone
Ask any company’s CEO, president or chairman about their biggest problem and the vast majority will undoubtedly say it is uncertainty. Even business school students are taught that it is the top challenge facing most corporations. I don’t have to tell you that our industry has its fair share of ups and downs; you already know that.   (more)
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Meet Brandon Croarkin, industry analyst with AMT
“A cool mix of creativity and logic” is how Brandon describes his job as an industry analyst with AMT’s Strategic Analytics group, which provides members with services to enhance their businesses. From conducting market research to identifying potential sales leads in certain geographic regions, the Strategic Analytics team aims to help members solve pressing business challenges with a streamlined research process, cross-functional knowledge and access to key data resources.   (more)
Trump unveils his economic vision to make America first again
With Detroit as the backdrop, Donald Trump delivered his first major economic address last month, promising that “the Motor City will come roaring back” under his leadership. He cited the rise and fall of the auto industry as one example of failed policy and introduced a four-point plan to change this country’s course. It’s focused on tax reform, regulatory reform, trade reform and energy reform.    (more)
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Members: Help us tell the story of U.S. manufacturing
I don’t need to tell you about the insanity of this election season. Discussion about manufacturing has been largely absent, but also misguided when it does come up. Most of the campaign speeches center on bringing back jobs that went overseas, but doing it by sending a torpedo through our trade agreements. In other words, turning back the progress we’ve made at opening markets and leveling the global playing field.  (more)
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AMT News - September 2016 Interactive pdf
Market Snapshot
 - Durable manufacturing trends
 - Is your business facing an uncertain future?
 - New data available for Map U.S. Markets
 - China – the world's biggest machine tool market
   … and more  (more)
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AMT News - August 2016
IMTS 2016
 - Where to begin your IMTS 2016 visit
 - Before you go: how to prepare for IMTS 2016
 - IMTS is almost here – be proud of our industry!
      … and more   (more)
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Breakthroughs presented at NAMRC: milling center accuracy, new additive machine
The North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC), held June 27 – July 1, is an academic conference with a focus on discrete-part manufacturing. This includes the ancillary activities around manufacturing, such as process planning, quality, and the data ecosystem. SME was the host organization of the event.   (more)