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AMT News – March 2017 interactive pdf
 - NIST highlights manufacturing
 - Reach new markets in 2017: Think regionally
 - Market Data Review – Looks like a recovery is around the corner
 - Global Services has a new director
       … and much more  (more)
Global Services has a new director
We have some exciting news in Global Services. After a rather lengthy search we now have a new Director, Marcel Beraud, to be based in our McLean, Va., headquarters. Marcel comes to us with more than 30 years of international manufacturing operations experience. He is a true global business professional speaking five languages and possessing extensive experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  (more)
Market Data Review - March 2017
Last spring, the best analysts covering manufacturing technology were predicting an upward swing in orders before summer 2017. Those forecasts seem to be right on track as the top indicators for our industry’s market are signaling a stronger market within the next 90 days.  (more)
Washington gets down to business
President Trump didn’t waste any time inviting manufacturers to the White House to discuss plans for developing high-wage manufacturing jobs. In the first of a series of “listening sessions,” two dozen business leaders, from companies including Emerson, Ford, GE, Dow, U.S. Steel, Lockheed Martin, 3M, Dell and General Dynamics, came together with the president, cabinet members and advisors to talk about ways to create jobs through trade, tax, regulatory and infrastructure improvements.   (more)
Opportunities in China's automotive industry
According to the IMF World Economic Outlook, China’s 2016 GDP growth was 6.7 percent, the fastest rate in the world. Both auto and truck sales are considered an important indicator of consumer demand. In 2016, China’s automobile sales reached a new record level of 28.02 million cars sold, which is about a 13.7 percent increase from 2015.  (more)
Meet Bill Herman: Focused on new business for you!
Being friendly, witty and hardworking all come naturally to Midwesterner Bill Herman, who grew up on a cattle farm near Oconomowoc, Wis. Those attributes are key to his career. With more than 27 years of experience managing trade shows and events large and small, in dozens of industries and in more than 20 countries, Bill has gained a broad perspective on what makes an event relevant to both the exhibitor and visitor communities.  (more)
Advanced manufacturing’s growing place in India
A few weeks ago, I went to my first IMTEX, as well as my first trip to India. The 2017 IMTEX further introduced me to our association colleagues at the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA), provided a glimpse into “doing business in India,” and also allowed me to see the level (and type) of demand for MTConnect. It was a great trip on all accounts!  (more)
New Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE - March 2017
CMTSE exam questions are developed by the Certification Committee, which includes machine tool distributors, builders, sales engineers, customers and allied industry representatives. The exam is a knowledge-based, online exam consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have three hours to complete the examination. Find out more about becoming a CMTSE.  (more)
Policy matters
Over the past eight years, the whole national conversation around STEM education, the overall employment picture and the issue of a skills gap in manufacturing has translated into a distinct focus on career and technical education and training from inside the beltway in D.C.  (more)
Comparing servo presses vs. traditional hydraulic presses
Last November I had the pleasure of attending FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas. As one would assume when visiting Vegas, I saw quite a bit. One of the coolest things was a demonstration differentiating hydraulic presses vs. servo presses.  (more)
Knowledge is power – gain insight and more at the MFG Meeting
Time is running out to register for the MFG Meeting, the event where manufacturing leaders find insight, networking, inspiration and new ideas. Join us March 22-25, 2017, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Fla.   (more)
MTConnect working groups seek contributors
Are you interested in shaping the future of MTConnect? Working groups within the MTConnect Technical Advisory Group (TAG) are a great way to get involved, and they encompass a wide variety of topics and technologies.  (more)
Manufacturers: It’s time for an image campaign
In late February, a group of manufacturing CEOs visited the White House for a meeting with President Trump. While Trump and the executives all stated their commitment to restoring factory jobs lost overseas, a few of the CEOs in attendance said that they had plenty of jobs – but not enough qualified people to fill them.  (more)
Are your sales territories balanced? Find out with Territory Wizard!
Due to the popularity of requests for this tool, AMT has added the Territory Wizard tool to the portfolio of apps available on AMT’s business intelligence platform. We are happy to announce that the Territory Wizard is now live and available for all USMTO participants.  (more)
Too many “to dos”? Keep track with Toodledo
If you’re like me, and have been in sales for any length of time, your to-do list is your bible that guides you through each day, week, month, etc. Without it, you are lost. We have all tried to come up with new and better ways to prioritize our tasks. For me, it started with the standard list where my No. 1 task was the first task (or the most important one) on my list and then each subsequent task was less important. Then I came up with the non-numbered tasks that were used as reminders of things that had to be done, not that day, but in the future.  (more)
NIST highlights manufacturing
As an AMT member and manufacturer, you know that manufacturing is vital to a healthy economy and national security. The recently updated graphic provides specific facts on the importance of manufacturing in the United States.   (more)
Reach new markets in 2017: Think regionally
Committed to creating opportunities that grow our members’ businesses, AMT has partnered with SME to deliver a series of regional events that give exhibitors more opportunities to expand their markets and meet new customers. Featuring a blend of education, applications and technology innovations that are of specific interest to that region.  (more)
AMT News - February 2017
 - A closer look: tax proposals come to the table
 - Border adjustability and territoriality level the global playing field
 - How Brazil is handling crisis and what to expect in 2017
 - The results are in: The India Trade Mission was a winner
       … and much more  (more)
A closer look: tax proposals come to the table
Since the election, there has been increased commentary on the prospects for comprehensive tax reform in the 115th Congress. The election of President Trump and a Republican majority in Congress represent the first real opportunity for comprehensive tax reform in 30 years, but dissent within the party and a full agenda may doom the effort.   (more)
Border adjustability and territoriality level the global playing field
The goal of the House Republican tax plan is a simpler, fairer and flatter tax code that strengthens American competitiveness rather than hinders it. On the business side, that means leveling the playing field for U.S. products by lowering rates, encouraging investment and moving to a territorial, international tax system like most of our foreign competitors.   (more)
Gain the competitive advantage, attend the MFG Meeting!
Every spring AMT members and industry leaders gather at the MFG Meeting to discuss the forces transforming the manufacturing industry and strategies to lead a successful manufacturing business. Hosted by AMT and the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), this year’s MFG Meeting, will be held March 22-25, 2017, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Fla.  (more)
So, what do I post? A social media content primer
So your business is getting started on social media. That’s great! Welcome to your digital marketing journey. But once you get your accounts up and running, what types of content should you look to post? Here is a quick primer on channels and how to approach them.  (more)
Diverse data reporting for diverse member businesses
It’s true that AMT’s members are connected by their engagement with the manufacturing technology sector. However, there is quite a bit of diversity when you look more closely at our membership profile. AMT’s membership is made up of manufacturers who represent a variety of distinct product areas. In addition, our distributor members cover clear territories of the country and specialize in offering unique technology solutions and services to a number of different customer industries.    (more)
Market Data Review - February 2017
There was a lot to like from our recent Winter Economic Update Webinar at the end of January. Not only did Oxford’s Mark Killion do an outstanding job updating participants on the impact of a Trump presidency, but AMT staff also gave short briefings on your association’s advancement in expanding market access opportunities, industry intelligence assets and technology trends tools. I had the opportunity to share how AMT has built a deeper pool of industry intelligence assets and is working to create a manufacturing-friendly environment for building, selling and servicing.  (more)
Meet Jackie McFarland, AMT Senior Industry Analyst
In her role as senior industry analyst for AMT, Jackie McFarland is all about the data. But her passion lies in helping AMT member businesses thrive.  (more)
Graphically display causes with the Ishikawa diagram
Known alternately as the fishbone, fish skeleton, herringbone, cause and effect, and 5M, the Ishikawa diagram is a dispersion analysis that graphically displays causes to a problem/effect. This tool has been used since it became popular in the 1960s. Similar to other problem-solving tools, the Ishikawa diagram will only aid in the management and structure of getting to the resolution.  (more)
Common use cases for MTConnect
The MTConnect standard is helping enable next-generation manufacturing by allowing communication between different types and brands of devices on the factory floor. Getting started with MTConnect requires little more than a survey of a facility’s capabilities, an assessment of needs, and an evaluation of current and near-future vendor solutions available.  (more)
The results are in: The India Trade Mission was a winner
The week prior to the show, participants from seven AMT member companies took part in the trade mission, visiting 10 large manufacturers in Pune and Bangalore. Well-known names like GE, Mahindra, Cummins, Toyota, and Dana-Spicer were among those on the agenda. Everyone walked away with new high-level contacts, local insight, and optimism about their strategies for India moving forward. Hats off to the Chennai Tech Centre team!  (more)
How Brazil is handling crisis and what to expect in 2017
Lately, Brazil has been one of the most targeted discussion topics in the concerns of business and the economy. It is a fact that the country has gone through difficult times over the last three years, whether due to corruption issues or a downturn in several market segments. Now there is an invitation to further understand what measures were taken by agencies and government to change the course of the political and economic scenarios, combined with a quick update on what is being done to improve three different fronts: fiscal adjustment, investment in infrastructure and international trade.  (more)
Passengers – Art becomes life
I hope that the story behind the story in this film is not lost on the American public. Any sense of apprehension about the potential for automation, AI, AR, etc., to take jobs away from people in the near term or the very long term can be eased by watching films like this and the message they convey that in the future, we will continue to need skilled labor in the form of mechanics, welders, machinists, technicians, engineers, etc.  (more)
Hit the starting line at the next M4M 5K
Get active while supporting a good cause at the Miles 4 Manufacturing 5K race, once again coming to the MFG Meeting. Proceeds from the event are donated to programs benefiting the development of the future manufacturing workforce.  (more)
AMT News – February 2017 interactive pdf
 - A closer look: tax proposals come to the table
 - Border adjustability and territoriality level the global playing field
 - How Brazil is handling crisis and what to expect in 2017
 - The results are in: The India Trade Mission was a winner
       … and much more  (more)
AMT News - January 2017
 - The MFG Meeting: Where manufacturing and business leadership converge
 - Getting social: A basic guide to channels
 - New administration and Congress seize their opportunity
 - 2017 should be great – let’s get in shape!
       … and much more   (more)
The MFG Meeting: Where manufacturing and business leadership converge
It’s time to register for AMT’s first big event of 2017: The MFG Meeting (Manufacturing for Growth), March 22 - 25, 2017, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Florida.   (more)
Getting social: A basic guide to channels
Last month, I discussed the idea of giving your business a digital facelift in the new year. Manufacturers have been slow to adopt digital marketing techniques, but research shows that a customer’s digital experience with a company is essential to retaining and building customer relationships – regardless of industry. Manufacturers don’t get a pass on this. Everyone is online, and that includes your buyers.  (more)
New administration and Congress seize their opportunity
The 115th Congress was sworn in on January 3 and is already hard at work changing its reputation from “do nothing” to “do something” to possibly even “do a lot.”  For the GOP leadership, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), this is the opportunity to tackle its top policy priority of repealing and replacing Obamacare along with rolling back federal regulations, increasing infrastructure projects and making inroads on fundamental tax reform.   (more)
Success in 2017? MTInsight has an app for that!
Ringing in the new year is a good time to consider how you might leverage AMT’s products and services. There is no easier way to start than by using the available tools on AMT’s business intelligence platform at Whether you want to save time, quickly analyze market data, or find new sales opportunities, our apps can help you meet your goals.   (more)
Market Data Review - January 2017
This column is often used to talk about a lot of numbers, whether they come from the latest USMTO report or from recent economic indicators. This month will be no different, but the focus will be on ones and zeros. The topic is the digital manufacturing revolution! While the advancements we have seen may appear to be science fiction, the technology for connected machining exists now and there are real, tangible benefits that can make a huge impact on your organization.    (more)
AMT Exhibitions department gearing up for increased involvement with SME events and international shows
The AMT Exhibitions department will be taking on added responsibilities this year with the addition of a new show in China and a new partnership with SME for a series of regional shows.  (more)
Bar pullers: a small shop’s alternative to bar feeders
Operating a lathe means turning bar stock into parts. Bar feeders push (or feed) a bar of stock into the lathe until the bar has been fully utilized. Then the bar feeder continues to load bar after bar until the job is complete or the hopper is out of stock, just like a mechanical pencil. However, if only a single bar of stock is necessary, or a shop does not have the space or money for a bar feeder, a bar puller can be used to easily automate any CNC lathe or turning center.  (more)
Double header: SpaceCom to FABTECH
In 2016, SpaceCom and FABTECH took place back to back with slight overlap. If you attended both, you were in for an exciting week!   (more)
Why standards need interoperability
As machine data applications have begun to grow from machine monitoring into real-time control, optimization, and ultimately autonomous operation, interoperability between manufacturing standards and IT/communications standards has presented enormous challenges to industry.  (more)
2017 should be great - let’s get in shape!
It can sometimes be tough to stay the course and see our goals through. We start out with lofty ambitions but then as time ticks on, the day-to-day tasks bog us down and we lose sight. But we need to try, right? The global projections for the manufacturing technology sector in 2017 are quite positive and it’s not too late to set out new objectives in order to capitalize on growth in the markets here in the U.S. and around the world.  (more)
Set a course for training in 2017
With the start of the New Year, it’s normally a time to set new business and personal goals. Often, business goals are formalized in the form of “Management by Objectives,” especially for sales managers and their sales staff. Ongoing training in the area of sales skills and process methodology should be on the top of the list of every sales manager for their people no matter their level of sales experience.  (more)
Paul Warndorf retires from AMT
Paul Warndorf, formerly AMT Vice President - Manufacturing Technology and more recently Vice President - Strategic Planning, has retired after 20 years with AMT.  (more)
AMT News - January 2017 - interactive pdf
 - The MFG Meeting: Where manufacturing and business leadership converge
 - Getting social: A basic guide to channels
 - New administration and Congress seize their opportunity
 - 2017 should be great – let’s get in shape!
       … and much more  (more)
AMT News - December 2016
 - Five tips to boost your company's Confidence Quotient in 2017
 - A post-election look at the manufacturing technology market
 - Planning for failure – necessary for success
 - Successful debut for AMT's first-ever Distribution Regional Summit
       … and much more  (more)
Five tips to boost your company’s Confidence Quotient in 2017
Implementing a business strategy, cultivating customers and encouraging a talented team – it all requires self-assured leadership in the face of pressure. We all have different management styles, and it’s easy to feel uncertain in times of change. Here are five ideas you might consider to foster a resilient business.  (more)
IMTS and GIE Media donate 3D printers and $8,000 to Chicago public schools and community programs focused on STEM
The Miles for Manufacturing (M4M), a series of 5K races aimed at raising funds and awareness for STEM education and manufacturing careers, donated four MakerGear 3D printers and another $8,000 to Chicago-area STEM programs with proceeds from its 5K held during IMTS 2016.  (more)
Cabinet picks signal a pro-business, pro-growth agenda
Manufacturers are hopeful that three recent cabinet announcements will increase President-elect Trump’s likelihood of fulfilling a campaign promise to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, but they could spell trouble for trade.  (more)