As most readers are aware, AMT and the U.S. Department of Commerce initiated a new effort to deploy AMT Brazil in 2013. The first two years of the initiative included the incorporation of AMT Brazil and the development of member services similar to the ones offered in China, Mexico and India. 

Today, AMT Brazil is offering the following services:
  • Field service capabilities,
  • Proxy hiring and general human resource consulting,
  • Distributor, agents search / streamlining and arbitrage to develop your current distributor, 
  • Support in developing your Brazilian market access strategy by scheduling a market penetration review/consulting session,
  • Market Access Sales Support, or MASS, a program that provides members with access to experienced Applications Engineers to visit Brazilian customers and “harvest” information about projects on the horizon,
  • Office and meeting rooms space for member use, and
  • Our newest service: warehousing, which provides members with cross docking, traditional warehousing or in bond warehousing.
You can contact Achilles Arbex, our General Manger in Brazil, to seek assistance and information regarding any of the services listed above at

Last piece of the puzzle
The final piece of the puzzle needed to offer AMT members comprehensive support while developing their presence in this key emerging market was the creation of a world-class demo space. 

AMT Brazil was very fortunate to partner with FACENS (College of Engineering of Sorocaba), a highly technical Engineering School with branch locations in Sorocaba and Central Brazil (Belo Horizonte), to make this space a reality. On May 19, the grand opening of the São Paulo Technology Room took place. Utilizing this space, AMT members now have a way to present advanced manufacturing technology solutions to the Brazilian industrial base.

The fact that the Technology Room is located in a venue that so many talented professionals and engineers visit regularly, and where new engineers are being trained presents the opportunity to create “future preference,” as I call it. By becoming an active participant in the Technology Room, members will have the chance to display their products to an audience of FACENS students, who are either already working in the industry (in the Sorocaba / Campinas economic region) or are about to start their career. Given this exposure, guess which technologies these new professionals will want to incorporate into their manufacturing facilities when it is time for a new capital investment? 

The incredible opportunity offered by the Technology Room was further confirmed during the grand opening by FACENS. A representative of the college noted that the Sorocaba / Campinas economic region has grown between 10-20 percent year-over-year for the last 10 years. Companies like Toyota, Lenovo, Pentair and many global machine tool builders chose Sorocaba to set up a Tech Center or manufacturing facility, reaffirming the importance of the region.

Many important industry players attended the Opening Ceremony, including U.S. Consul General in São Paulo, Dennis Hankins; Paulo Carvalho, Director at FACENS; and Steve Lesnewich, AMT’s VP Global Services. The ceremony was also attended by various industry leaders and  FACENS faculty. The successful launch completed the deployment of a variety of AMT strategic marketing resources designed to help members gain footing in the Brazilian market.

I invite all members to take advantage of the Technology Room AMT set up at FACENS and use the venue to:
  • Schedule technical seminars,
  • Set up ongoing demonstrations of your product’s new features, to create “future preference” and expand your in-country customer base,
  • Access a wealth of engineering talent to serve as future representatives or staff in Brazil, either through AMT or in a direct fashion,
  • Develop “in country” intelligence and solutions for Brazil’s manufacturing applications that can be used by the local industrial base
  • Complete any engineering or marketing project you may have in mind, as FACENS is very well connected with the Federation of Industries in the Sorocaba / Campinas region.
Join your peers in the industry already working with AMT’s São Paulo Technology Center, such as: Barnes International Inc., Dominion Technologies Group Inc., ExOne, National Machinery LLC, Rego-Fix Tool Corporation, Rush Machinery Inc., Transor Filter USA, and Vektek Inc.

For additional information, contact Carlos G. Mortera, International Director, Latin America, at or Achilles Arbex, General Manager Brazil, at