By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

MTInsight’s release of the territory filter tool in the IMTS Exhibitor Passport adds a useful data layer for segmenting the IMTS registration and leads data. The tool is just one more example of how MTInsight is making the consumption of relevant business and prospective customer data easier.  
A key innovation that shows up in this release is MTInsight’s seamless integration of the territory data layer from the USMTO database. The automatic integration of the territory data allows for fine-tuned analysis and saves time normally spent transferring and manipulating data outside the program. For participants of the USMTO survey, the user has the option to load the zip code level territory definition data already defined in their USMTO accounts. 

However, the tool was designed to serve the entire IMTS exhibitor population whether the user is a USMTO participant or not. Realizing that not all exhibitors are USMTO participants, MTInsight has included an interface inside the application that allows the user to load non-USMTO related territory definitions.

The territory definition names will be available in a new parameter selector called “TERRITORY” in the registration and leads dashboards. Essentially, the application now provides another level of geographic filtering in addition to country and state. We expect this will be especially useful for assigning prospective customers to sales managers responsible for very specific geographic locations throughout North America.  

If you have any questions about the territory manager or require other application support, please feel free to call Aslan Moini, MTInsight Sales Specialist,, 703-827-5290.