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DMDII announces project calls for: Cyberphyscial Systems Security, Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (AME), Intelligent Machines (IM) and Advanced Analysis (AA)

As AMT’s Technology Department continues to research, partner and better position ourselves to serve members in the area of raising manufacturing technology awareness, we are pleased to announce opportunities to drive the future of digital manufacturing and design. The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) was one of the first four institutes launched by the White House (America Makes, Power America and LIFT are the others). All are elements of a broader National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, or NNMI.

The What: The DMDII, managed by Chicago-based UI Labs, has released the latest round of project calls for members of the public-private partnership. (NOTE: For membership in DMDII, please visit: To facilitate the formation of project teams, DMDII encourages manufacturing businesses, manufacturing service providers and academic institutions to register their capabilities and interests in an online survey at

List of Project Call Titles

Project calls are listed under the following categories: Cyberphyscial Systems Security, Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (AME), Intelligent Machines (IM) and Advanced Analysis (AA).

DMDII-15-01 Factory Cybersecurity Infrastructure Assessment: Develop tools for assessing the cybersecurity vulnerability of small manufacturing businesses.

DMDII-15-02 Smart Factory Visibility and Real-Time Optimization (AME): Demonstrate technologies that can provide real-time visibility into the operations of a smart factory, and demonstrate factory controls based on real-time feedback loops. 

DMDII-15-03 Communication Standards for Intelligent Machines (IM): Provide an initial framework and set of standards for communication for Intelligent Machines (IMs) (e.g., legacy and modern production machines, robotic devices, manufacturing cells and other smart manufacturing systems). 

DMDII-15-04 Shop Floor Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing (AA): Demonstrate technologies that integrate the shop floor workforce into the digital thread, using wearable computing, mobile computing and advanced data visualization. 

DMDII-15-05 Systems Design Using the Digital Thread (AME): Demonstrate technologies that can use data from across the product lifecycle and from across the value chain to improve product design and manufacturing. 

DMDII-15-06 Operating System for Cyberphysical Manufacturing (IM): Develop an operating system for manufacturing that provides both horizontal and vertical resource management from the lowest hardware to the highest enterprise level. 

DMDII-15-07 Virtually Guided Certification (AA): Demonstrate technologies that use advanced computing; modeling and simulation; and data analysis to significantly reduce the time and cost of certifying a material, manufacturing process or design. 

The How: DMDII will host a Project Call workshop for projects DMDII-15-02 to DMDII-15-07 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. This event starts at 12:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, February 25th and ends at 1:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 26th. (NOTE: No workshop for DMDII-15-01).

Workshop attendees will hear from the DMDII leadership about the mission, vision and goals, as well as how to do business with the Institute. Attendees also will have the opportunity to participate in several networking events to encourage teambuilding for responses to the project calls, as well as an evening social event. Workshop attendees from each organization should have the technical background and managerial authority to engage in these activities productively.

Register for the workshop at DMDII Workshop - Registration Form. Registration for this event is $100/person. The room block rate at the Atlanta Airport Marriott is $135/night. Reserve rooms at DMDII Workshop - Reservation Link. The last day to reserve a room at the room block rate is February 13, 2015. Please contact Elizabeth Barton (843-760-3301; if you have any questions about the room block or registration process.

For more information about this article, please contact Tim Shinbara at or 703-827-5243. For information about the DMDII or UI Labs, please visit their web site: