By   Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

I probably don’t need to spend a lot of time in this article explaining the benefits of target marketing. You likely already know that crafting a unique message to a specific group of people will result in higher rates of engagement with the prospective customers you are trying to reach.    

Sounds good, right? What is likely preventing you from attempting a good target marketing campaign is an awareness that your customer info lacks the detail needed to create specific target groups. 

If the contact data you own lacks detail, or you are looking to expand your database with potential new customer contacts, then MTProspects is the tool that can help build your next successful target-marketing campaign.   

A new product to promote

Let’s say you are a machine tool distributor in Chicago covering territories in Cook and the five surrounding counties. One of your builders just released a new, small footprint, VMC line that is MTConnect compatible and targeted to shops with limited floor space. You know that your marketing message needs to be specific, highlighting the space savings, accuracy and speed of the new machines, while touching on the reasons shop floor monitoring can benefit small shops. You also know that blanketing potential customers with a generic message is arguably a waste of time and money. More importantly, this approach is a waste of your company’s credibility with shops that don’t fit the profile you are trying to reach.  

Identifying the target audience

Finding the company and contact information you need for your next campaign is simple with access to Dun & Bradstreet data using MTProspects. As shown in Figure 1, we have limited the geographic region to the six counties in and around the Chicago area. We know we want to target small machine shops, so we’ll limit our search to shops that have less than 30 employees and floor space of less than 20 thousand square feet.

Out of the nearly 3,500 potential customers, located in the six selected counties, we have produced a manageable base of 121 machine shops in the greater Chicago area that fit the desired target market profile.  

Next, you’ll need to limit the audience to the people who are responsible for making the purchasing decisions on new equipment. Typically, in small shops, it is the owner/operator or personnel closer to the top who make buying decisions for new equipment.

Figure 2 shows the various title categories that can be used to generate a list of qualified contacts. The title categories selected in this case will produce a list of 46 names and email addresses most suited to receiving a specific message from you. In addition to the names, using this example, you’ll own all of the company profile information for 121 companies across 33 fields that describe the company in detail.

Useful to all equipment suppliers

I would be remiss to exclude commenting on how this specific use case applies to other equipment suppliers. For example, a small machine for a small shop will also require right sized and appropriate fixturing in addition to tooling, inspection, material handling and anything else you can think of!  The point is all members can benefit from MTProspects’ ability to easily segment potential groups of customers for targeted communication without the hassle and costs normally associated with obtaining qualified lists.  

If you are interested in learning more about MTInsight or to get started using MTProspects, please contact Aslan Moini, MTInsight Sales Specialist, 703-827-5290;