There are reasons the Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference (GFMC) closes with the outlook on the auto industry – it represents more than a fifth of all manufacturing technology orders in North America and it is the strongest of the top eight markets for our members’ products. This year we are introducing a new face – Michael Robinet, Managing Director, IHS Automotive – and a fresh outlook for the closing spot on autos for the conference. While he may be new to the GFMC, he isn’t new to the dynamic industry that he will be covering on October 15 at the conference in Cleveland.  
Michael has been engrossed in the auto industry for more than 20 years. His understanding of the auto industry was built from the ground up. Prior to IHS’s acquisition of CSM Worldwide, he worked on the platform forecasts for which CSM was famous. This work, his forecasts on auto production levels, capacity tracking and strategic advice to at least 85 of the top 100 auto component suppliers has led to his name becoming a staple among who’s who in the auto industry. Michael often conducts TV interviews as the auto expert on outlets such as Bloomberg News and the Autoline Network. His perspective on the industry and its future goes beyond simply projecting production levels. Michael has a solid grasp on the business issues and production technologies that interplay with demand levels to generate capital spending by the auto industry. 

Tanya Bodell’s (Executive Director, Energyzt) return to the GFMC line up for the third time in three years is just as much a reflection of the importance of the energy industry to our market as it is a statement on her excellent performance at the conference. Tanya received one of three highest rankings among speakers in 2014, as she did in 2013. She was lauded by attendees for her ability to clearly enumerate the opportunities and challenges that exist around complex energy exploration, production and distribution sectors. While few were pleased with the information and advice she provided in 2014, no one can deny that what she shared was on the mark. Attendees of the 2015 GFMC can expect to leave the conference with a clearer understanding of when energy will likely once again play a role in order growth in manufacturing technology. 

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