Registration is now open for the Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference, which is just nine weeks away, Oct. 13 - 15. Dozens of members have already registered, and the speaker roster is nearly complete. Brian Beaulieu, one of the more popular speakers on the agenda, will be closing the day on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 14.  

After the last ITR Economics™ presentation at the GFMC, many speakers requested additional time for their presentation. This year, the Economics & Statistics Committee is moving ITR from the second day to the closing spot on Wednesday to provide speakers a full 75 minutes for their presentations.  

Two of the key elements that make an ITR presentation different from traditional economic talks are their dive into the micro-view of your market and the takeaways your company should consider based on industry outlook. 

Greg Knox of Knox Machinery endorses the Beaulieu brothers’, Brian and Alan, approach to forecasting the manufacturing technology market. Greg introduced the ITR program to the Dayton Regional Manufacturers Association when he was chair in 2013, and the format has been a crowd pleaser ever since.  

The cornerstone to the Beaulieu brothers’ approach is the four stages of the business cycle. During his presentation, Brian will provide a picture of the market landscape and how to identify which of the four stages your company is currently in. His presentation will provide you with tangible actions to take back to your company and implement. 

Brian’s approach has been extremely popular with both large and small companies. Large companies find ITR’s macro forecasts to be on-target. Smaller companies find the micro-view ITR provides instrumental in developing strategies for their focused markets, whether that is defined by technology, geography or customer base.  

One of the most unique elements of the Beaulieu brothers’ presentations is that they provide their information in an engaging and humorous manner. Whether it’s a recommendation to sell your business next year to your worst enemy or to kick your suppliers into higher gear so you won’t be constrained when the orders rush in, Brian will make you laugh as you hurry to note his insights and recommendations. 

Take action now to register for the GFMC so that you too can walk away with an ITR action plan in October. We encourage you to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible so that you are onsite for the event. 

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