By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

Have you ever considered what it costs to obtain the customer contact information necessary to book a new order? Pounding the pavement alone is a tried and true method, but it is expensive. Consider the costs involved: Time on the phone, time in the field, transportation, lodging and meal costs. Granted, many sales teams decide to purchase third-party contact lists, only to shell out thousands of dollars for an unwieldy list that is often out of date, lacking in detail, or irrelevant.  

AMT understands these challenges and has created some fantastic MTInsight resources to help minimize the total cost of procuring the relevant contact information needed to generate new leads. The first tool is MTProspects, which is an MTInsight application made available to all AMT members. Through a partnership with Dun and Bradstreet, AMT purchased more than 650,000 updated contact records that are associated with nearly 90,000 companies that do business in industries that buy manufacturing technology.  

Each company record purchased contains 33 fields that describe the company, such as full address information, industry, sales volume, number of employees and plant size. Customer contact records include 15 fields, such as name, title and email. The MTProspects app facilitates accessibility of this data through advanced filters and a streamlined purchasing process. The filtering system makes it possible to purchase only what you need, whether it is for your next targeted sales campaign, or to expand your CRM into a new market.
With MTProspects, your sales team dramatically increases the possibility for positive return by eliminating the purchase of records you don’t need, while bypassing large upfront contracts normally required to obtain prospecting lists.  

If you are an IMTS exhibitor, you are offered one more excellent source for relevant contact data through MTInsight’s IMTS Exhibitor Passport. Passport currently offers more than 100,000 attendee registration records from the 2012 and 2014 shows and will most likely add at least 50,000 more records by September 2016. 

Let me emphasize that the Passport app has collected, stored and made available contact information from visitors who are so interested in manufacturing technology that they have travelled from near and far to see and learn about the equipment on display in Chicago on their own dime. In other words, the visitors’ information collected by Passport is probably the most qualified source of potential manufacturing technology buyers you will find anywhere.  
The Passport app has many of the same filtering and sorting features found in MTProspects, as well as additional features. One such feature identifies, at the click of a button, exactly which qualified visitors did not visit your booth during the show. With that feature, coupled with an integrated email tool, the app can pay for itself. In essence, exhibitors can dramatically expand their IMTS exposure many times over, while at the same time avoiding costs and frustration associated with managing data themselves. Qualified contacts presented on a silver platter … What is that worth to you if you could book just one more order as a result? 

Want to be mindful of the total cost in procuring and managing information when pursuing that next order?  I am confident that MTInsight has helped lower that cost through these two innovative products.  

Please feel free to contact me with questions about MTInsight at or 703-827-5209.