By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

In this column back in June 2015, I wrote an article titled “Accessibility to New Data is Key to Efficient Budgeting.” There, I announced the release of the IMTS Exhibitor Passport’s budgeting tool. I explained that one of the great values of the tool was its ability to automatically stream expense data exhibitors incur with official vendors at IMTS. This capability eliminates the need for exhibitors to track, re-enter, and report unnecessarily when preparing budgets. At the time, the tool only had information for the 2014 show expenses, which we expected exhibitors to use as a valuable benchmark. 

It’s now February 2016 and new vendor orders for booth construction, services, decoration, etc. are already starting to come in. The good news is that Passport is now ready to stream 2016 expense information directly to your company’s customized budgeting dashboard. This data will continue to load throughout the year as we head into September. As it loads, the data is organized into easy-to-use interactive dashboards that continuously update you on the status of your spending relative to your stated budget for dozens of expense categories.  

So don’t wait, start using the Passport budgeting tool now to track and efficiently present your IMTS 2016 budgets. Take advantage of all the hard work we have put into making the official vendor data easily accessible to you.  

If you haven’t purchased your IMTS Exhibitor Passport yet, please contact Matt Lutz, 703-827-5215 or, or if you have questions about how to use the Passport or any of the MTInsight applications, call Aslan Moini, 703-827-5290 or