By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

This month we will be releasing the 2016 IMTS Exhibitor Passport (IEP), which will offer several new data management and marketing tools to help exhibitors leverage their IMTS investment. The timing of this release is significant because it highlights a concept we are trying to reinforce in the minds of the IMTS Exhibitor – the fact that IMTS is a valuable resource that should be leveraged throughout the two-year show cycle.  
After having worked through all of your IMTS leads from September 2014, it’s likely you’ll want to explore ways to re-engage prospective buyers of your equipment in 2015. So now, instead of starting from scratch to develop a new email campaign, you might only want to tweak the lists you’ve already created. With the upcoming release of IEP, you will have access to powerful new list management tools that will allow you to repurpose those existing email lists. For example, you can split, merge, and de-dupe lists, which saves time and effort in manipulating the data to reach your desired audience. In addition to new list manipulation tools, users will be able to upload contacts from sources other than IMTS including, but not limited to, contact data acquired from the MTProspects app, which is also available on the MTInsight platform. Having the ability to more easily manipulate email data sets and upload your own data will enrich your information on potential prospects, while streamlining your efforts to communicate a new message that prospective buyers want to hear.   

The second feature that will be useful well before the next show is the budget tool. Everyone who exhibits at IMTS needs to create a budget to summarize and plan for upcoming expenses associated with the show. Creating an accurate, continuously updated budget is necessary to optimize budgeted dollars to meet the shifting requirements and priorities many show managers face for months leading up to the show. While it is likely that many exhibitors already have some form of budgeting for the show in place, we think that the budget tool offered inside the IEP will make more effective use of the exhibitor’s time while creating a budget. One of the primary elements that makes our budget tool so useful is the inclusion of historical costs for each IMTS exhibitor. Where better to start creating your budget for 2016 than by reviewing the dollars spent for each vendor in 2014? And don’t worry, the tool is flexible in accepting and tracking any of your expenses not associated with an IMTS-approved vendor as well. To top it off, in early 2016, we will automatically update new expenses associated with orders placed with IMTS vendors leading up to IMTS 2016. The key point here is that we are making this tool available when you need it, and that time is now.  

The data generated by IMTS is useful and relevant throughout the show cycle. AMT’s release of the IMTS Exhibitor Passport early in the show cycle helps exhibitors capitalize on that value now – so don’t wait. 

If you would like more information about the IMTS Exhibitor Passport, please contact Mark Kennedy, Director – Exhibition Sales at or 703-827-5220.