By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

Summer is finally here and the IMTS season is now well underway. Visitors are starting to gear up in preparation for their visit to Chicago. While IMTS has been collecting dozens of visitor registrations every day since February, things are going to start heating up fast over the next several weeks. Now is a perfect time to start planning your pre-show marketing strategy.

Visitors who are signing up now for IMTS 2016 tell us a lot about who they are. The registration process collects information about what industry they are from, what products they are interested in, what days they plan on attending and what role they play in the buying decision, to name a few. Profiling an audience using this kind of information allows exhibitors to craft targeted communication, improving the odds their message will resonate with prospective buyers. Creating targeted mail lists from people who are registering for the show is made possible and easy for exhibitors who subscribe to the 2016 IMTS Exhibitor Passport. 

So why wait? More than 3,600 visitor registrations were collected so far through May. Several thousand more will be pouring in at an accelerated rate throughout the summer. Get ahead of the curve and help your company stand out from the rest. A compelling and informative preshow campaign that will draw visitors to your booth is now accessible to all exhibitors regardless of their size. The IMTS Exhibitor Passport’s streamlined approach for accessing registration data and communicating with potential customers has leveled the playing field for all.  

If you haven’t purchased your IMTS Exhibitor Passport yet, please contact Matt Lutz, 703-827-5215 or If you have questions about how to use the Passport or any of the MTInsight applications, call Aslan Moini, 703-827-5290 or