By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

One of the main benefits of using the MTInsight platform is its ability to bring many different data sources together in one place. Already MTInsight brings many different manufacturing related data sources together under one roof, including curated manufacturing news; manufacturing technology market data; and IMTS trade show data, such as floor traffic, budgeting information and customer contacts.  
One of the new enhancements we have made to the IMTS Exhibitor Passport (IEP) takes uniting various data sources in one place to the next level.  MTInsight is now giving users the ability to co-mingle contact information they already own from other sources with IMTS-related registration and lead information. For example, the user now has the option to load data collected from other trade shows, MTProspects or their CRM database to the IEP.  The company-owned customer data is easily loaded into the IEP via a CSV file import tool. This mechanism builds new email lists for creating consolidated, comprehensive, targeted email campaigns.  

The benefits of using one email marketing tool through the IMTS Exhibitor Passport are clear. It keeps the user organized, improving overall productivity. Introducing external contact information that has been gathered from other sources to the IEP and mixing it with contact information from IMTS will help coordinate the messages that need to be communicated to similar contact types, no matter where the information was first sourced. Once the lists are loaded, the user can access other IEP list manager tools, such as merge and split functionality, to design the most effective lists for the intended message.  

As discussed in April’s column, new enhancements and tools have been added to the IEP that will help IMTS exhibitors leverage their investment in the show throughout the show cycle. Loading contact information to the IEP for use with IMTS-related contact data is a great example of how MTInsight is helping exhibitors reach that goal.  

The IMTS exhibitor passport is currently available for purchase. Act soon to reserve your seat at the discount rates. 

For more information about purchasing the passport, or to schedule a demo, please contact Mark Kennedy, Director – Exhibition Sales, 703-827-5220.