By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

The MTInsight platform is a system of technologies and servers assembled to acquire and store data securely and provide a reliable environment that efficiently distributes content to the members. At the very heart of the system is Pentaho’s business intelligence platform, which, among other things, delivers the application content, ensures the right data is distributed to the right users, and contains the tools our developers need to acquire, analyze and prepare data for those applications. Needless to say, it is the most important and unique component of the system.  

That is why on February 10 we were pleased to discover that our favorable view of Pentaho was shared by one of the world’s largest tech companies, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) when HDS announced plans to acquire Pentaho for an estimated $500 million. Of all the companies that participate in the rapidly growing data analytics space, HDS’ nod to acquire Pentaho validates AMT’s choice in selecting their technology as the platform that powers MTInsight. Through the relationship, MTInsight will now benefit from the financial backing of a $3 billion company. We expect that the additional financial strength HDS can provide will accelerate the release of new Pentaho products and features for MTInsight to leverage, especially in the area of big data and data integration.  

Clearly, HDS realized its existing data storage business was incomplete in the context of meeting growing customer demands to squeeze the most value out of their customers’ data. We realized this early on in the development of MTInsight, whereas it is not enough to just store data. Businesses need a system of technologies that address data acquisition, analytics and distribution in addition to storage. As one HDS senior vice president stated, “data remains an untapped resource for many organizations and businesses – with the realization of the value of that data remaining a challenge.” Realization of the value of data is a challenge for AMT members too, which is why AMT will address those challenges by leveraging better Pentaho products and features through MTInsight in the future. 

For more information about MTInsight, please feel free to contact Ian Stringer, or 703-827-5209.