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It's February; are you showing the love?

By  Penny Brown, MTAdvocacy Manager

If you’re in a cold-weather climate region (like those of us here at AMT), you’re probably not feeling a whole lot of affection for February. It seems to be endlessly cold, grey, slushy ... the joy of the holidays a distant memory, the hope of spring still seeming far away. 

But fear not! There are two February holidays that can be a great reminder to turn our thoughts away from snow boots and ice scrapers and instead toward doing our part to support the manufacturing industry: Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.

Let’s start with Valentine’s Day. Sure, it can be sappy, and your florist probably loves it a whole lot more than you do. So instead, let’s just think about love – love for manufacturing, but also love for your community. 

The Advocacy team at AMT is always on the lookout for great stories that show big things happening in our industry – new and exciting technologies, ways that our members are engaging and collaborating with government and academia, great news about our industry, and so on. We’re also looking for ways that we can give back to our community – aka, showing the love! Are you doing the same? It makes for a great photo op, sure, but more importantly it can give your company a good name as a local citizen. 

It’s also important to share what you love about manufacturing, especially with students (aka maybe your future employees) and also with your elected officials. Getting the word out about why the industry is great – and why it’s important – are great things to do with both of these audiences. One means inspiring a future generation, and the other means making sure the people who represent you understand just how important our industry is to the community – its economic impact, the ways it’s connected to other businesses and the supply chain, and so on. 

But what about President’s Day? I might be speaking out of turn here, but I’m pretty sure our Founding Fathers would’ve found it important for the United States to have a thriving manufacturing industry! Great manufacturing ensures that we stay the most innovative country in the world. It creates good jobs and a strong middle class. It also supports our defense efforts and ensures our military has the equipment and supplies it needs, when it needs them.

So while February might not be the most popular month on the calendar, it’s still full of great reminders of ways we can take action to do our best by the industry we love. 

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