AMT’s Financial Benchmarking Surveys, Back Office Benchmarking (BoB), are returning in 2016. These surveys deliver detailed reports that will help members gain financial, operating and HR insights specific to the manufacturing industry, and they are only available through AMT. 

BoB will be conducted a little differently this year. Three surveys will be open in February and then two in the fall. The surveys opening in February include Operating Metrics, Financial Performance and Executive Compensation. These are aligned with tax return deadlines to assist with the data entry process.  

BoB provides participants with an inside look at median and high-profit financial performance metrics, operation standards and compensation within various industries. This information will help you determine whether your company is staying competitive in your market or if adjustments should be made. The customized reports will show you how your company compares across important financial benchmarks, as well as provide information to evaluate “what-if” scenarios that will demonstrate how adjustments in different areas can affect your profitability.

Is your company operating at full capacity? Are your benefits aligned with similar companies in your area? Are your operations running at top-notch performance? These are questions you can get answers to by simply participating! 

With tax return deadlines right around the corner, the documents needed to fill out the survey will be easily available to you or your Accounting/Finance and HR team. Documents needed to fill out the survey include: 
  • Financial Statements 
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll Register
  • Sales by Customer 
  • Sales by Product List
If you’d like to participate, reach out to Bianca Romo at 703-827-5266 or to get started. Past participants can simply log in to and start submitting information.  

This year, AMT will raffle off a FREE registration to the 2016 Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference on October 19-21 in Miami, Fla., to those participants who submit by April 18 (tax day)! Don’t miss out on the chance to participate. AMT’s Back Office Benchmarking will provide important data that can be used year round, and the data is FREE if you participate. 

So get ready, AMT’s Back Office Benchmarking opens February 17! 

For any questions, please contact Bianca Romo at 703-827-5266 or