By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

If you are part of a company that is not looking to close anytime soon, you are probably concerned with two fundamental concepts that will keep your doors open, if not continue to grow your company. If you think about it, what you are concerned with most is either increasing your sales or decreasing your costs. At AMT, we are continuously striving to deliver innovative products to the membership that support these two basic, but meaningful, goals. 

The intersection of sales up and costs down is the reason for creating the MTInsight platform. Using the industry knowledge and experience that is concentrated within the walls of AMT, MTInsight brings together a number of key information management functions that drive up the core value of the platform.  

One of the most important functions of the platform really has little to do with information technology at all. In fact, MTInsight relies heavily on the expert knowledge and industry insight that professionals at AMT contribute. Your AMT staff curates the most relevant data that is meaningful to your business from a vast sea of possibilities. They ask the right questions in an effort to collect data that builds proprietary AMT data sources you can rely on. Last but not least, MTInsight leans on knowledgeable people who know how to work with the data to design products that make accessing the information easier and provide the insights you need to increase your sales or lower your costs. 

In terms of technology, there are, of course, a whole host of functions carried out by MTInsight. Many of the most valuable features of the platform most of us don’t see. For example, there are hundreds of database routines that run, continuously updating, twisting, turning and preparing the data for storage, so that it can be accessed and used by applications. In addition, the MTInsight database engine carries out lines upon lines of code that govern the business rules and security checks that keep your data secure and accessible by only the appropriate individuals. Of course, the end user applications are beautifully rendered and efficiently distributed to your device through the MTInsight platform, but they represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of value to members. AMT made the commitment and invested in this technology so you don’t have to.  

MTInsight currently has several apps that are already helping members increase sales and decrease costs. MTProspects and the IMTS Exhibitor Passport are extremely cost effective and efficient ways to acquire new customer information that will get your next sales campaign off to a quick start. You can keep abreast of expertly curated and relevant industry news and new plant and planned capital equipment announcements by way of MTNews and Sell Your Products. Finally, the USMTO app reduces the time it would normally take to monitor market orders and your market share for manufacturing technology – a perfect example of how MTInsight drives down costs, as a savings in time equals a savings in money.  

There are more apps planned for MTInsight, but if you have any suggestions concerning what you would like to see in the next release, please feel free to contact me at or 703-827-5209.