By  Ian Stringer, Director - MTInsight Group

It’s shocking, and you might think it is unbelievable at first, but it is true, that most exhibitors at IMTS capture less than 10 percent of the contacts who have explicitly expressed interest in their products from the show floor.
Every exhibitor makes a large investment to be at IMTS. I presume you do this to reach and touch the thousands of potential customers who walk through the doors at the show to see the equipment that you have to sell. Did you know you are missing a huge opportunity?  

On-site there is a limited amount of time for qualified leads to step foot in your booth. You can still reach these qualified leads through the use of the IMTS 2014 App in MTInsight. The App helps you to easily identify contacts from the registration data, allowing you to email them through the email tool or simply download the core information for your marketing campaigns.

  • Maximize your IMTS investment. 
  • Find qualified leads in your industry. 
  • Continue the momentum from the show.
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