As the United States’ biggest trading partner, Mexico matters to manufacturers. That’s why expansion in output and capacity in Mexico in particular—and Latin America in general—is good news for U.S. manufacturers, as pointed out by Carlos Mortera, AMT’s International Director for Latin America.
During a recent chat with IMTSTV, Mortera cited several reasons for the growth in the Mexican market. The fiscal discipline exercised by the current administration is starting to pay off, leading to significant expansion in some industries, he said. Mortera also highlighted the importance of trade agreements—both existing and anticipated—noting that Mexico is a strong supporter of free trade and that the potential implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be very positive for Mexico.

Mortera described the three major clusters for Mexican manufacturing. These include the Northwestern region, where electronics, advanced medical equipment and aerospace are the key industries. In the Northeastern region, which includes the city of Monterrey—home to an AMT technology center—the primary industry is heavy equipment. Finally, in the Central Mexican region centered around Mexico City, the largest industry is automotive.
To compensate for the slump in the energy sector, several federal government initiatives are focused on jump starting development in other industries, Mortera explained. These initiatives have touched on everything from telecommunication to labor reform and are giving Mexican manufacturers more flexibility.
AMT Members should think outside the border, and turn to AMT for help, Mortera concluded. For more information about the wide array of international services offered by AMT to help members expand and improve their operations around the globe, including in Latin America, please visit the Global Support section of AMT’s Website.