By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

MTInsight’s December launch of the MTProspects app makes customer profile data accessible to member companies large and small. With close to ninety thousand companies and several hundred thousand contacts to choose from, MTProspects with its intuitive search capabilities provides strength in numbers when prospecting for new customers, updating your CRM, or conducting preliminary market research by industry or region. The best part about it is that you only pay for what you use. This alone makes MTProspects a powerful and cost effective tool for your business.  
However, the utility of MTProspects expands when leveraging the number of other apps that are available on the MTInsight platform in conjunction with the customer profile data you get through MTProspects.  

For example, let’s say you participate in USMTO and you have been monitoring your company’s market share regularly and have noticed that over the past several months, one or two regions your company covers have taken a beating relative to the market. The USMTO app quickly helps you pinpoint the trouble by narrowing your focus on a couple of territories that are showing underperformance. Next you’ll want to dig a little deeper into those regions by using the MTProspects app, which will get you closer to who is actually buying. MTProspects will show you the industries that are most prevalent in the counties that define the territories that are underperforming. Once you have identified the industries to investigate, you can refine your search, narrowing the results using filters for annual sales, number of employees and plant size. This will result in a manageable list of company names and contacts including more than 30 pieces of information about the company and more than 15 pieces of information about each contact. 

Granted, this process can’t precisely identify which companies bought your competitors’ machines over the past several months. However, these results made available to you by using MTPropsects in conjunction with the USMTO app will provide you with additional insight that can help identify customers who are more likely to buy than those customers selected at random or using traditional sales and marketing strategies.  

This is just one example of how users can better leverage the strength of the platform when combining the utility of the increasing number of apps we are making available on MTInsight

If you would like more information or examples on how to make the most of MTInsight, feel free to contact me: or 703-827-5209.