By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

AMT members’ interest in data and information is at an all-time high and is expected to grow with the current high demand for data products. AMT is dedicated to keeping abreast of new data and information technologies that will help meet member needs and provide innovative solutions on a regular basis. Over the past few months, AMT’s MTInsight and the Strategic Analytics teams collaborated to deliver a new data series, which is now available exclusively through the USMTO App in MTInsight.

The USMTO program is a unique and robust statistical survey for many reasons. One that really sets the program apart is its focus on orders as opposed to shipments.  

In the mid ‘90s, the forward-thinking designers of the USMTO program had a major realization. If they were to capture orders data, then participants of the survey would see a view of market conditions several months earlier than if they were only viewing collection and reporting of shipment data. While this innovation improved the data’s value with respect to time, participants wanted to know where those orders were destined to be consumed so the USMTO program reported order data by shipped to location. Fast forward 20 years and AMT has responded to new requirements for what participants know the program can provide. It has now become important for participants to know where orders originate in addition to where the orders will be shipped. For a couple of reasons, customers are tending to geographically consolidate buying power and participants are required to track performance at finer levels of geographic detail. The response to this need was to  leverage the “ordered from” data USMTO collected in its database and make a new data series – available for the first time – through the USMTO App in MTInsight.  

Prior to the new series release, accurately assigning sales performance to sales offices or individuals was a challenge for many managers. Participants of USMTO would cite several cases in which the location of where the orders were to be procured and where the machines were to be shipped, were not always the same. In other words, using the prerelease reporting paradigm, managers calculating market share were forced to ignore where the effort for procuring that order was actually taking place or were forced to do a lot of side calculations to properly assign credit for the sale.  

Users of the USMTO App will now notice two new radio buttons on the left-hand rail indicating the location type to choose. Users can easily toggle between viewing order data based on where the order was destined to be shipped versus orders based on where they were ordered from. This latest product enhancement exposes previously hidden information – and it’s just one more example of how AMT is committed to adding value to members through the application of human and advanced technology resources.  

For more information about the new order from data set, please contact Jackie McFarland, Senior Industry Analyst at 703-827-5206 or, or Aslan Moini for MTInsight registration at 703-827-5290 or