In 2015, NIMS once again awarded a record number of credentials to students and working learners to prepare them for the manufacturing jobs that are most in demand. NIMS issued 21,420 industry-recognized credentials for machinists and production technicians, an increase of 20 percent from credentials awarded in the U.S. in 2014.

U.S. manufacturing needs to fill hundreds of thousands of jobs during the next decade and that effort begins with equipping people with industry-recognized credentials that prepare them for the jobs of today, as well as tomorrow.

AMT has been a stakeholder in NIMS since its inception in 1995 because we know that industry standards are vitally important to assure that we have a steady flow of qualified individuals available to work in our industry. This is especially true in skilled professions like those in manufacturing and even more applicable in many of the industries we represent, where technology advances so quickly. 

According to Greg Chambers, Director of Compliance, Oberg Industries, Inc. and Chairman of the Board, “NIMS credentials ensure that companies, workers and students keep up with industry standards and job requirements and that training programs prepare individuals with the skills they need to enter and advance in these in-demand jobs.”

NIMS has developed skills standards ranging from entry-level to master-level that cover the breadth of metalworking operations, industrial technology maintenance and machine repair. NIMS is working with industry and the Ivy Tech group of community colleges in Indiana on a train-the-trainer program for new Level I Industrial Maintenance standards. NIMS is also currently developing industry standards for credentials in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

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For community college and engineering school students who are nearing workforce readiness and interested in attending IMTS to find internships and jobs, we are adding a career fair component to the student summit that AMT members will hear more about very soon.

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