The world of advanced manufacturing is changing incredibly fast, and you face many challenges. Where to find new manufacturing processes to increase efficiencies? Where to find best practices that are reliable and trustworthy? Where to find cutting-edge technologies that are market-proven? Where are new buyers for existing products? What new products should be considered? Where to find finance for equipment, product development and training? 

If these are questions you ask, consider attending SpaceCom, the Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, November 17-19, in Houston because they will be discussed in an interactive fashion at the conference.

While many solutions to space-related problems have had a direct impact on Earth (not the least advanced manufacturing), the extent of technology transfer is yet to be fully exploited. SpaceCom addresses this potential.

With declining launch costs and entrepreneurs examining new business opportunities, a window has opened that could result in a sustainable commercial market that is not reliant on NASA as the sole customer. NASA has declared that it wants to cede low Earth orbit (LEO) to the private sector so that it can concentrate its human spaceflight program beyond LEO — to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

NASA’s pivot to concentrate on deep space exploration is creating a great need to accelerate the pace of market development in LEO. That’s where SpaceCom will serve as a catalyst.

It is this market development, and the business opportunities it is creating on Earth and in space, that represent the new space race that SpaceCom is marshalling and inviting you to join!

The advanced manufacturing industry is primed to capitalize on these paradigm shifts and their game-changing effects.

SpaceCom will focus on robotics, 3D printing, advanced materials and textiles. These technologies can reduce manufacturing production cycles, solve maintenance issues and increase supply chain efficiency. 

At SpaceCom, you will meet companies in the forefront of these capabilities and be shown how many different applications exist that may be used by your company to improve profits, create new product lines and gain market share. Learn more about advanced manufacturing opportunities.

SpaceCom presents the opportunity to participate in the Advanced Manufacturing Roundtable to analyze case studies that can be applied to your business. Seeded into your group will be a financial and NASA expert to aid in the discussion.

SpaceCom has a speaker faculty in advanced manufacturing including:

  • George Bullen, CEO of Smart Blades Inc.
  • Richard Glover, CEO of ACME Advanced Materials
  • Tim Shinbara, VP of the Association For Manufacturing Technology
  • Michael Snyder, Chief Engineer at Made in Space, Inc. 
View the full conference program.

Attend to learn more about the possibilities, meet the people to partner with and take back actionable business ideas for implementation. Register now.

The next decade will frame those companies who had the vision to seize this opportunity and place themselves ahead of the pack in efficiency and market share. You and your company should be one of those leaders!