August manufacturing technology orders were down, and 2015 to date has seen a decrease of 10% compared to last year. Unfortunately, this downward trend is expected to continue through the rest of the year. However, the silver lining showed through at EMO Milano, Oct. 5-10, 2015. The large crowds were excited about new technology and new markets. The forming and fabrication market, specifically, has been a very positive sign for the industry with almost a billion dollars in order in the last quarter, which hasn’t been seen in over 15 years.

The rest of 2015 will continue to be soft, probably down 12-13% from 2014. Although, when you put 2015 into perspective, it will still be one of the top five years of the last decade. 2016 will also have a slow start; orders are expected to pick up mid-year.

Manufacturers can still have an impact this year by urging their senators and representatives to pass the tax extenders, which will create additional revenue next year via tax returns which can be used to purchase capital equipment.

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