Map U.S. Manufacturing MarketsBy   Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

Every business has an interest in properly allocating resources to capitalize on new opportunities that arise out of the process of identifying new customers. MTInsight has recently re-introduced Map U.S. Markets to help members in this area.
Map U.S. Markets synthesizes millions of public records containing the location and density of manufacturing establishments throughout the country. This tool plots the data on an interactive map that gives the user the ability to quickly filter results by desired counties and industries over time. Moreover, the tool provides instantaneous feedback, showing the rise and fall of manufacturing establishments according to simple changes in the countless combinations of counties, industries and years selected. 

Let the data work for you in this easy-to-use tool. Investigate previously hidden opportunities you may be overlooking, or confirm a hunch with hard facts. This information could prompt a decision you have been delaying for some time.  

If you have questions about Map U.S. Markets, please feel free to contact Jackie McFarland at 703-827-5206 or or Aslan Moini at 703-827-5290 or for more information about accessing the MTInsight platform.