By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

If you haven’t tried it out by now, you should know that MTInsight is a tool that improves your access to relevant manufacturing technology business data. One of the primary goals for the MTInsight Group is to design content that provides users with readily consumable answers and not just data. We know you want to find those answers quickly – and with little effort – and  that every additional minute you spend digging diminishes the value of the answers you wish to find.  

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the latest enhancement to the USMTO app. The new Saved Scenarios feature was just released to the app last month upon requests from users including members of AMT’s Economics and Statistics Committee.  

First, allow me to describe what a scenario is. In the USMTO app there are a series of criteria the user can choose to filter order activity and market share results. The user can select their desired reporting period, geographic areas including territory definitions, machine codes, and location type. Many users require more than one combination of selected criteria for assessing their company’s performance. Each combination of selected criteria is considered a scenario.  

For example, one user might need a scenario to track VMC market share in a select number of northeast states and a second scenario to quickly recall HMC market share for three of the five territories covering the Mid Atlantic.   

As you can imagine, dozens of scenarios may be required for a robust assessment of a company’s performance. Now robust assessments can quickly be made using the saved scenarios feature. The feature will save the user time from having to re-create the various combinations of criteria choices and will limit the opportunity for error by eliminating the need to repeat the manual criteria selection process.   

If you have any additional questions about how to use this feature, feel free to contact Aslan Moini, MTInsight Sales Coordinator, 703-827-5290 or about the USMTO program, contact Jackie McFarland, Senior Industry Analyst 703-827-5206.