By  Kim Brown, Strategic Analytics Assistant Director

Understanding your customers’ needs isn’t always easy, but for distributors, it’s the foundation of success. Anticipating what customers want creates an opportunity for more sales and stronger customer relationships. AMT is hosting the 2015 Distribution Summit (D15) to help you do just that.

Steve Kline Jr., from Gardner Business Media, will present data from Gardner’s most recent Top Shops benchmarking survey and provide distributors with a unique opportunity to better understand some of their customers. Kline believes, “the steady and higher level reinvestment in advanced machine tool technology is the Top Shops life blood, as every other part of the business flows through the machine tool.”

Attendees of Kline’s Top Shops presentation will:
  • Understand the critical role of workholding and tool management, as well as which type of machine is in the most successful shops
  • Learn how to leverage marketing and advertising trends, including the growing impact of YouTube and shop tours
  • Utilize the data that supports increased investment in HR and employee benefits
The insights you will gain from Kline’s presentation can position you as the go-to company for customers who want the range of services, reliable advice, and tailored solutions you offer. 

Understanding your customers by putting yourself in their shoes allows you to understand where they fit the market and why they are likely to buy. Attending D15 will teach you how to move beyond a traditional buyer-seller dynamic and act as a consultant who provides deeper engagement with customers, which will lead to increased sales. 

D15 will provide the learning opportunities above, as well as an opportunity to network and grow your distributor toolkit. Take advantage of all that this conference has to offer by registering now – it’s a small investment that will yield big returns for your organization!