By  Benjamin Moses, AMT Technical Director

A struggle that manufacturers often identify is the ability to keep up with the latest industry technology developments. As technology changes at an ever-faster speed, it becomes even more challenging to gain awareness about potential disruptions, whether they present an opportunity or a threat.

To address this struggle, AMT is developing Tech Trends as an online tool for members to quickly connect to relevant technical information. Tech Trends is designed to answer the following questions:
  • What are the trends in research?
  • What is currently accepted by industry?
  • What are the needs and challenges?

Tech Trends saw its first release in 2015 as a publication geared toward answering those questions. In its next iteration, it will be a more powerful online tool driven faster and smarter by IBM’s Watson, Google, MongoDB, and more. Tech Trends will connect the knowledge to the source, enabling you to take action. This tool currently focuses on manufacturing research; the information sources are research groups with a specialization in manufacturing. The data is presented in multiple ways that can be used throughout your organization. 

Tech Trends collects research papers and converts them into actionable knowledge. Tech Trends reduces noise by curating specific sources. The current data sources are CIRP, NSF, NIST, and NASA. As the AMT development team continues to find open resources, they are added to the database, and it is constantly growing. IBM Watson adds keywords and concepts to each of the papers. 

This additional data provides more context to the paper than just a title and abstract, allowing for quicker trend analysis. Tech Trends will allow you to stay current with the news and papers on the topical homepage, review top technologies trends, analyze custom manufacturing technologies, and search specific papers, from strategic development to tactical research. 

We look forward to fine tuning and making it a valuable app as we move forward to releasing it to AMT members.