By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

Have you ever wished you had more time to really leverage your participation in the USMTO program? Does your company participate in the program only to glance at performance from a very high level of machine or geographic specificity? If so, you are not alone.   

Making use of raw data of any kind is not easy, even for Excel wizards. Typically, once you have the template set up the way you want it, updating your spreadsheets with new data is a challenge and prone to error. Often, users feel the effort required to monitor and track the company’s performance at a greater level of granularity isn’t worth it, so it’s either not completed on a regular basis or simply not done at all.  

MTInsight aims to tip the balance in your favor by providing a tool you can use to monitor the many detailed dimensions of your company’s order performance quickly and accurately. For example, figure 1 shows how with one visual frame, the viewer can assess the relative performance of the company’s entire territory portfolio. Each circle represents a territory name, the size of the circle represents the total number of units sold in the territory, and the position of the circle on the Y axis highlights the territories’ market share. With this one view, you can quickly see which territories are winning and losing in the market for any combination of time period, machine category and territory selected.   

There are many other USMTO app visuals for USMTO participants, no matter how you want to slice and dice the results. There are other geographic-based visuals for regions, states and counties, in addition to your custom defined territories. There are also preformatted visuals that show company and market activity by machine category and time series. Best of all, every one of these views can be set up one time to repeatedly display multiple combinations of criteria. That way many report scenarios can be re-loaded and viewed at the click of a button.  

If you haven’t already done so, try the USMTO app in MTInsight ( What you will find is the ready-to-use, automated market share monitoring system you’ve always wanted, but never had time to implement in the past. 

If you have questions about getting started, please contact Aslan Moini, MTInsight Sales Specialist at 703-827-5290 or