By  Ian Stringer, Director, MTInsight

Data is all around us and always has been. What we experience is a collection of data points assembled into information.  

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that synthesizes the abundance of business data into meaningful answers? Many companies struggle with turning this kind of data into meaningful information that is easily understood. However, AMT is heading up the solution for its membership with MTInsight and specifically with the USMTO app. 
Let’s say you participate in the USMTO program. You enter your orders data into the program consistently every month. Then what do you do? Our MTInsight usage information shows that a significant number of participants are either spending too much time turning the standard report data into something meaningful, or maybe they aren’t tracking their company’s performance at all!  

Whichever the case, we’ve built a tool in MTInsight that can save you time with your current USMTO analysis or give you a compelling reason to initiate your company’s internal performance tracking program. With the USMTO app in MTInsight, you can start turning the standard USMTO data into answers in as little as five minutes per month.  

The beauty of the app is that we’ve done all of the tedious data manipulation for you. In a nutshell, you are presented with three numbers: Market Units, Company Units and Market Share. The app presents these three answers by geographic and territory perspectives, by your desired product category perspective, and by time series perspective. In addition, you can save your filter criteria, so that only the specific machine codes, time periods, or geographies are analyzed when data is updated in the app.  

In tracking your company’s performance, what else do you need to know? What you don’t need to know is how to waste your time downloading data to update excel spreadsheets while risking copy/ paste or formula errors.
Try the USMTO app on MTInsight. It was built for speed; it was built to provide answers, as opposed to regurgitating data. Use it to quickly initiate a performance-tracking program in your company. Share the visuals to start a conversation in your company about how you’re doing. Give management an opportunity to see the company’s success or the opportunities out there that you just haven’t capitalized on yet. Start small then dive deeper, but start.   

There is no charge for members who participate in any of AMT’s market benchmarking surveys, such as the Workholding survey or Cutting Tool survey, in addition to USMTO.  

To get started, go to Questions or comments – please feel free to contact me at 703-827-5209 or Kim Brown – MTInsight Sales and Marketing Manager at 703-827-5223.