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When was your last formal business review?
The formal business review is an essential process that sometimes gets overlooked because of day-to-day commitments and pressures to lead the organization, whether your job is CEO or Sales Leader. Any healthy, forward-looking organization should conduct a formal business review every three to five years.  (more)
Make your open house count
The process of planning an open house can be daunting. For any of us who’ve done it, at some point it’s likely we asked, “Is all this work really worth it?” And nothing is more worrisome than waking up the morning of the event and wondering, “Is anyone actually going to show up?”  (more)
Industry News - October 2016
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How to choose your adhesive and sealant bead inspection solution
In the automotive and aircraft industries, adhesives and sealant beads are increasingly being used in bonding body parts, windshields, roof and many other applications. To ensure the quality of assemblies, a robust and reliable inspection of the bead volume and location is essential. So, among the various machine vision solutions available on the market, how would manufacturers choose one that can really deliver a solution that meets their requirements?  (more)
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It’s time for a youth movement
About two years ago, while sitting in my office, I came to the realization that at 56 years old, I was the youngest member of my sales team. After my initial panic subsided, it became quite obvious that we needed to get younger!  (more)
Industry News - September 2016
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The most important sales factor: risk
IMTS always brings plenty of excitement regarding the many new technologies that will be on display and how these capabilities can benefit end users. Indeed, it is a very special event for both suppliers and end users, but most excited may be the salespeople who are looking for new offerings to help capture more business and build their pipelines. Their typical questions are “When can I sell it?” and “What is the price?” With all the technology and enthusiasm that is being shared with prospective customers, however, we should remind ourselves that “risk” is the No. 1 factor that influences a customer’s decision to buy. Salespeople who don’t want to talk about risk do so at their own peril.  (more)
Edgewater Automation Expands Sales Presence to the Northeast
Global Custom Automation Equipment Supplier Adds a New Regional Sales Manager to their Team
3D Traceability Helps Automotive Maker Avoid Expensive Recall
In our litigious society, manufacturers need to prove their products were produced correctly. Therefore, they need to be confident they can retrieve information to have proof. The automotive industry is paying a high price in dollars and brand damage whenever they have to recall vehicles to repair incorrectly built products. Therefore, traceability has become a high priority. Pass/fail information is no longer sufficient.  (more)
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New AMT Members in 2016
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Want to grow your business? Be accountable to the customer
To increase your business, make your entire company accountable to the customer. This starts at first contact and continues through every facet of the relationship. It can’t be just a notice on the wall someplace, but deep in the culture of your business.  (more)
Industry News - August 2016
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My thoughts on U.S. manufacturing
We are not Europe. We are the United States of America. We invented the American system of manufacturing and those processes that created wealth in the entire world.  (more)
Robust 3D Machine Vision Overcomes Problems with Temperamental 2D Vision Cameras
Twenty years ago, the machine vision industry held out great promise that 2D vision cameras could solve multitudes of error-proofing problems in discreet manufacturing plants. Unfortunately, they proved to be temperamental and unreliable, mainly because the 2D vision cameras are susceptible to changes in part color and ambient lighting. As a result, they need to be adjusted constantly in plants.  (more)
Robust3D Brings an End to Decade-long Assembly Error-proofing Struggle
Recently Coherix engineers and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) engineers have been working jointly to develop error-proofing solutions in engine plants. After identifying eight specific problem areas, the team recognized that these were all old problems that have been plaguing engine manufacturers for decades. For example, one very difficult problem is error-proofing a valve assembly, a problem one engineer had worked on when he was a student over 30 years ago.  (more)
Are Line Sensors Truly 3D Sensors?
First commercialized by Perceptron in 1983, line sensors were used to verify critical dimensions on automotive bodies to determine part-to-part variation. At that time, they were referred to as 2.5D (two and a half D) sensors. Recently many companies have announced line sensors and call them 3D sensors. Are they really 3D? If a line sensor, or the object it is viewing, is moved precisely, then a 3D image can be created. But does that make a line sensor a 3D sensor? If so, that would be a real stretch!  (more)
Water Jet Manufacturer Jet Edge Finalist for Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Image Award
Industrial waterjet systems manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc. has been named a finalist for Minnesota Business magazine's 2016 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Image Award.  (more)
Industry News - July 2016
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In business, it’s all personal
Selling, managing, designing, creating turns out to all be about connections among people. No one would question that the sales process is highly emotional and personal. Do we really think that design, engineering, run offs, or troubleshooting are not equally dependent on the emotional and motivational state of the participants? How many of those vital business activities are done by a sole actor?  (more)
Jet Edge's Latest Mid Rail Gantry Water Jet Cutting Machine Runs Up to Four Cutting Heads
Minnesota waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge, Inc. introduces its latest generation of Mid Rail Gantry CNC waterjet cutting machines. Built for industrial use, Jet Edge CNC waterjets lead the industry in precision and accuracy.  (more)
Making a comeback: apprenticeships on the rise
For the past 50 years AMT member company Advanced Machine and Engineering (AME) of Rockford, Ill., has thrived through its robust apprenticeship program.  (more)
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Relationships – the key to consistent success
Well, here we are in the midst of another economic slump that is affecting many of the industries we serve in a not-so-good way. In addition, the political winds of concern are blowing, and many of us are hearing the classic line, “I think we may wait until IMTS before buying.”  (more)
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Some of my favorite quotes … and why
I was recently collecting some of my favorite quotes in one place and decided to share some of them. Let’s start with the quote, “Progress, Not Perfection.”  (more)
Preco Chairman Jack Pierson dies
Jack Pierson, Chairman of the Board at Preco, Inc., passed away on May 22 at age 84. Pierson lived in Mission Hills, Kans. Pierson began his manufacturing career in 1958.  (more)
Industry News - June 2016
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Jet Edge Water Jet Shuttle Systems Ideal for High Volume Cutting Applications
Jet Edge introduces its latest generation of water jet shuttle systems. Jet Edge waterjet shuttles dramatically increase productivity by allowing the operator to continue cutting as parts are unloaded from the water jet table.  (more)
New Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE - June 2016
Congratulations to the new Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE.  These new CMTSEs demonstrated their knowledge in machine tool design, CNC technology & machine control, cutting tool technology, metalworking technology, machine tool accuracy, capital investment justification, the selling process, responding to customer needs, territory management, and business/commercial practices.  (more)
Toymaker YOXO® Doubles Productivity with Jet Edge Waterjet Shuttle System
Toymaker YOXO®  has doubled its productivity by installing a Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting Shuttle System at its workshop in St. Paul, Minnesota.  YOXO's toys are made from recycled wood fiber (the boxes you put in recycling!).  YOXO encourages kids to make things and use their imaginations. Kids use YOXO connectors to make their own toys using everyday household items like paper towel rolls and cereal boxes.  (more)
Industry News - May 2016
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Engineered and cost-effective workholding solutions
The demands for higher quality and lower prices have many manufacturers looking for creative solutions when it comes to their manufacturing process. Tooling, robotics, machine tools and workholding are all important considerations.   (more)
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Training: Good for your staff, great for your company’s growth
How confident would you be making a purchase from someone who could not answer your questions or demonstrate the value that a product provides?  How would that influence your impressions about that product and the company that makes it?  It is often said that your first impressions can make or break a deal. An argument can be made that says the interface between our customers and our products are our own representatives. Suffice it to say, it is in our own best interest to equip our reps with the best tools and knowledge so they have the best chance of success.  (more)
Methods Machine Tools Appoints Jerry Rex as Chief Operating Officer

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, 3D printing technology, automation and accessories, announced the appointment of Mr. Jerry Rex as Chief Operating Officer of all Methods Machine Tools operations, effective today.

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Be a part of change!
Running a successful business requires good planning. Many of us spent countless hours the last three months of 2015 researching data and meeting with colleagues to formalize an Annual Business Plan for 2016. In this plan, company leadership provides direction on how the company will run for the year.  (more)
Industry News - April 2016
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The spirit of AMTDA lives on
When the merger of AMTDA and AMT took place five years ago, many members, distributors and builders were concerned that the main assets AMTDA would bring to the new organization – namely, passion and enthusiasm for the machine tool community – would be lost in the larger organization.  After the recent MFG Meeting in Palm Desert, these concerns have been eliminated.    (more)
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Remember who you are
One of the greatest challenges and lessons to be learned from supporting and growing a global customer base is consistency. While it is easy to show potential customers your global footprint and capabilities, many customers – both distributors and end users – are looking for something else that defines you as a company and/or person.  (more)
New Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE - March 2016
Congratulations to the new Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers, CMTSE.  These new CMTSEs demonstrated their knowledge in machine tool design, CNC technology & machine control, cutting tool technology, metalworking technology, machine tool accuracy, capital investment justification, the selling process, responding to customer needs, territory management, and business/commercial practices.  (more)
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AMT Chairman's Address - Annual Meeting at The MFG Meeting 2016
AMT Chairman of the Board addresses the membership at the AMT Annual Meeting at The MFG Meeting 2016 in Palm Desert, Calif.   (more)
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AMT Annual Meeting 2016 - Business Session
Hear from your Chairman, Jerry Rex and other Board members as they present the financial report, new Board members, Board announcements, and key programs and services that enhance and support members’ businesses.  (more)
Jorgensen Conveyor's Vacuum Media Filter
Vacuum Media Filter efficiently removes fine chips and grinding sludge and is very effective in applications requiring coolant clarity to 10 microns.   Jorgensen’s vacuum media filtration systems are successfully proven in various CNC grinding, metal cutting, and notably, for the demanding composite machining applications at aerospace OEM’s and top tier parts suppliers to aerospace OEM’s.
Roll media filters are engineered to meet customer specifications and are fabricated with a coolant reservoir per your requirements.  (more)
Jorgensen Conveyors Expands
Jorgensen is growing the business with a recent new hire.  Jorgensen Conveyors is pleased to welcome Gregory Anzia as the new Sales Engineer in our Wisconsin territory.   (more)
Marcus Crotts Acceptance of the Al Moore Award
The Albert W. Moore AMT Leadership Award was presented to industry icon Marcus B. Crotts at the AMT Annual Business Meeting, March 5, 2016, in Palm Desert, Calif. Watch the video of the award presentation.  (more)
Industry News - March 2016
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What is the value of the distributor in today’s machine tool business?
Having only worked on the OEM or “Builder” side of the machine tool business for these past twenty-some years (never as a Distributor or Machine Tool Distributor Salesperson), I had often pondered the value of Machine Tool Distributors in Machine Tool Sales. Without meaning to lump them all together as if they were all equal – certainly understanding that there are many differences between distributors across the nation – and aside from the obvious “boots on the ground” benefit – the question that I ask myself in general is, “Why do we (the OEM) need them?”     (more)
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A hire experience … my business education
It was about 30 years ago that I started working for DP Technology – a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) company. DP Tech was a true entrepreneurial startup brought to life by Dan Frayssinet and Paul Ricard. There were just a handful of employees early on, as you might expect. I was 32 years old at the time, and I was the oldest employee. In fact, I was more than 10 years older than some of the crew. I believe I still hold that senior position today.   (more)