By  Ed McMannes, Sales Manager, Mayfran International

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is important to have a strong bond between the customer and the company. This can be best done by the salesperson. Everyone else in the company has many other responsibilities, but for the salesperson the customer is their main responsibility. This practice does not come easy and takes time to develop.
First, the salesperson must acknowledge that this type of relationship building is their primary function. That means answering the phone when you really don’t want to, or making difficult calls you don’t want to make, or even visiting the unhappy customer who is thinking about firing your company (or maybe already has). Some of you may remember the old United Airlines commercial with the CEO doing this – handing airline tickets to his staff so they could go visit customers in person. Once these tasks have been accomplished, a true bond will start to occur. 

The customer also plays an important part in developing this bond. They must give the salesperson correct information, have a willingness to work through difficult times, and be accessible. Just like above, once these tasks have been accomplished, a true bond will start to occur.

Some call this the buyer-salesperson dance. I think it is more like a marriage. Together you work through the tough times, enjoy the good times and grow together. In the end a bond will form that will stand the test of time.