Oakdale, MN. Lion Precision is releasing SpindleCheck Inspector, a one-of-a-kind system that helps shops differentiate themselves in the market by allowing them to better manage their machine tools. SpindleCheck Inspector provides diagnostic and capability data for all rotating spindles. 
The unique design of SpindleCheck uses noncontact capacitive sensors with nanometer resolution to measure error motions in a machine tool spindle and the environment around it. SpindleCheck will improve a shop’s capability to better and more quickly understand a machine tool. Some of the measurements SpindleCheck provides include: Surface Roughness, Roundness, Run out, Vibration, Thermal Growth, and Positioning Repeatability across the entire performance range of a machine tool. All of this impacts the final dimensional capability of a machine and its ability to make a part to desired specification. Measuring a rotating spindle can help identify and eliminate the root cause of problems. 
Current SpindleCheck users tell us that the ability to identify problems with their machines in minutes goes a long way toward improving efficiency. They can ensure that a new machine meets its specifications, determine the best spindle operating speeds, determine if the spindle is indeed the culprit before needlessly replacing it and often isolate the root cause of bad parts.
Spindlecheck can bring these capabilities to your shop as well. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing a demonstration.
Contact Name: Lion Precision
Phone Number: 651-484-6544
Website: www.spindlecheck.com
Email: info@lionprecision.com