Tax reform next on the agenda

The winds have shifted in Washington since Congress returned from the month long summer break. There is a new sense of urgency to get something done from both sides of the aisle. It's true that it took an act of nature to bring the parties together, but it took an act of bipartisanship to enact a disaster relief package that included: a down payment for rebuilding after the hurricanes, a short-term spending deal to keep the government open through December, and a three-month increase in the debt ceiling necessary to fund the spending.

What can we do to save a workforce in decline?

“What we want to call ‘blue-collar jobs’ are on the way out," said Kipp Glenn, a worker at Carrier’s factory in Indianapolis, in a recent article from the Washington Post.

Don’t underestimate workholding’s impact

In today’s ultra-competitive manufacturing industry, planning workholding in conjunction with a machine tool purchase has become more important than ever. Gone are the days of ordering a machine, having it installed, and then mounting whatever workholding is laying around the shop on the machine.

Updates on the Auto and Mining, Off-road & Construction Industries

Is the auto industry forecast closer to a sci-fi or horror film for advanced manufacturers?  Why is there optimism for mining, off-road & construction (MOC) industry?

AMT’s Shanghai Tech Center is moving

AMT will soon have a new address for our Shanghai Tech Center (STC) in China. In 2004, AMT opened its first foreign Technology and Service Center in Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone. For more than a decade, AMT’s Shanghai Tech Center has helped more than 100 AMT member companies increase their sales and distribution in China. 

AMT News - Sept./Oct. 2017
Find out the forecast for the manufacturing technology market, workforce solutions, tax reform and more.
At the center of the Google memo

By now, you are probably familiar with the former Google employee James Damore’s memo on diversity in the workforce and the fallout of what was meant to be an internal Google document.

Summer winds blew in warmer order levels

Market growth continues to pick up the pace according to both members and the USMTO numbers posted at the beginning of August. Members shared that the rate of change has picked up but that it is still not evenly spaced across customer markets by industry.

Get Ready for #MFGDay17 - October 6

MFG Day is a great opportunity to showcase your modern manufacturing workplace and enhance the image of manufacturing to your community, customers and future workforce. Check out the graphic below, which highlights stats on how MFG Day has changed student perceptions of the industry and more.

Using HPC to solve manufacturing challenges

The Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office is offering funds for projects that would allow manufacturers to use DoE's high-performance computer resources. Specifically, they are seeking projects that would have a potential impact on improving energy efficiency or clean energy technologies. The deadline to apply is December 29, 2018.

AMT News – July/August 2017 interactive pdf
- Why industrial IoT needs a systems approach
- NAFTA revisited
- Executive order on apprenticeships
- Tips for successful marketing
- Creative minds, creative times drive the American manufacturing revolution
- Innovation culture
       ...and much more.  (more)
New Infographic Promotes Careers in Manufacturing

As manufacturing evolves with the digital world and skilled workers retire, a shortage of two million workers in the next 10 years is anticipated by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute studies.

NIST infographic shows economic value of manufacturing

We love this NIST graphic, which shows specific facts on the importance of manufacturing in the United States.



The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) works with small- and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers to help them create and retain jobs and increase profits. MEP works with partners at the state and federal levels on programs that help manufacturers develop new customers, expand into new markets and create new products.