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Research Your Market:

Consider AMT's Industry Intelligence department the
"reference desk" for information about understanding and conducting global business

Industry Intelligence Department is here to help you!

Have a question? Ask a researcher or call 1-800-544-3597. Sample questions include:

Can you help me identify new customers in emerging markets? Where are my customers or competitors located?
What patents are on this technology?  What are the demographics (sales, size) on my customers or competitors?
I'm interested in the alternative energy market, but am unfamiliar with it. Do you have any information to get me up to speed?  Can you help me analyze your market share?

More information is available through:

Should you need assistance, please contact AMT:
Patrick W. McGibbon
VP - Industry Intelligence
Phone: 703-827-5255
E-mail: pmcgibbon@AMTonline.org
Steve Lesnewich
VP - Global Services
Phone: 703-827-5227
E-mail: slesnewich@AMTonline.org

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