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14 July 2014

India: AMT Chennai Tech Centre (CTC)

AMT has a Chennai, India technology and service centre, which can provide assistance to AMT members. Examples of services provided by the CTC include:
  • Assistance finding representation
  • Arrange meetings with potential customers
  • Credit reports on potential customers
  • Comprehensive market and competitive analysis
  • Internal travel assistance
  • Translation oversight on promotional pieces
  • Oversight for technical translations
  • Cultural education including use of gifts
  • Trade show assistance
  • Negotiation practices
  • Tendering practices/issues
  • Sample contracts
  • Payment and collection issues
  • Banking practices (for establishing an office and opening an account)
  • Legal structures (different types)
  • Warranty fulfillment issues and sending parts into India
  • Customs support/clearance issues
  • Connections with appropriate India government officials and arranging meetings
  • Guidelines on human resource issues (FESCO fees, etc.)
  • Procedures for obtaining a Letter of Credit
  • In-country visa assistance

What services are offered by CTC?

  • Full Sales & Marketing counseling and direct Indian customer contact help as required (includes advice on how to handle Indian governmental projects) 
  • Human Resource (HR) services, including searches for qualified Indian engineering, sales, or service personnel to join your company by proxy-hire 
  • Counseling on appropriate salary ranges for different kinds of employees in Chennai, and general “costs of services” advice about India generally 
  • Office availability for such employees, so that you can have the great benefit of a de facto full-time Indian employee before registering your company in India 
  • A convenient office space in Chennai for you to use when you travel to India, and logistical support for your company’s activities all over the country 
  • Field Service support for your equipment all over India at the rate of $200/day plus travel costs — a marketing must and a huge cost saver for you 
  • In-depth assistance to help your company find the best Agents and Distributors for your products in selected industries 
  • Outsourcing advice and full support for CTC Participants who may want to source components from India, or form business alliances with Indian partners  
What are the costs for these services? 
AMT’s #1 goal is ALWAYS to help your company SUCCEED in India. Therefore, the costs for CTC are kept as low as possible, and surely below what any of this would cost if you did it yourself, or with a “for-profit” partner. Basically, the cost model for CTC is very similar to STC: 
  • Yearly participation fee: $9,500 + applicable service tax
  • Field Service support anywhere in India - $200/day, plus applicable taxes and actual travel costs 
  • HR Search for CTC proxy-hire employees - $1,000 to receive up to five qualified candidates (you will interview them, and make the final decision on all matters). Proxy-Hires are nominally CTC employees, for administrative purposes, but in reality they work full time for your company and take their direction from you. 
  • Office “Cabin” for your employee - $2,500/annum per desk in a lockable shared office; $1,000/annum for a dedicated cubicle office; no cost for a "hot desk" cubicle.  (Good office space is quite expensive in India, and CTC includes complete office support services.)

To use our services members must sign the "AMT-CTC Partcipation Agreement" which entitles them to access our fixed services.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Christopher, AMT Global Services Vice President, at 703-827-5296 or or Arun Mahajan, General Manager, at or 011-91-9790887032.

Arun Mahajan
General Manager
AMT - Chennai Technology & Service Centre

A-44, Phase 1
Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ), SEZ Unit
Tambaram, NH 45, Chennai - 600045

Cell Phone: 91-979-0887032

Edward Christopher
phone: 703-827-5296
Arun Mahajan
phone: +91 44 42994067
Carlos Mortera
phone: 52-81-8359-1232
Farron Sanders
phone: 703-827-5271
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