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AMT's newly released Tech Trends

Industry stakeholders commonly ask AMT about the greatest challenges in the industry today or the latest discoveries in research and development. Tech Trends is the next step of a new endeavor in AMT's strategy to disseminate the vast amounts of information relating to advancements in the manufacturing technology industry.

Tech Trends answers questions about the trends in manufacturing technology from three perspectives: newly accepted production technologies, greatest needs and challenges still remaining, and areas of interest within R&D.

There are two versions of the AMT Technology Trends publication:

Full version for AMT members:  Download complete Technology Trends. (pub. 2015; 52 pages)
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Condensed version open to the public: Download condensed Technology Trends. (pub. 2015; 4 pages)

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Overview of AMT's Technical Resources

AMT's technical resources provide members with a wide range of information and research about technology trends, R&D products and funding and more. We sponsor and participate on many advisory groups and committees to gather technical data and influence the research community in the promotion of manufacturing technology in the U.S.

Technology Guides, Reports, and Assessments

Technology Initiatives

Research & Development

Purchase electronic B11 standards or to find out how you can participate in this standards development activity, and be a member of a B11 Subcommittee, contact Pam Kachel at or 703-827-5274.

ANSI B11 Safety Standards

Electrical, Engineering, and Other Relevant Standards

Export Administration Regulations

Technology Contacts:  
Tim Shinbara
Vice President - Manufacturing Technology
Phone:  703-827-5243
Ben Moses
Technical Director
Phone: 703-827-5231
Paul Warndorf
Vice President - Strategic Planning
Phone: 703-827-5291
Hilena Hailu
MTConnect Product Manager
Phone: 703-827-5293
Russell Waddell
MTConnect Product Manager
Phone: 703-827-5258
Pam Kachel
Manufacturing Technology Administrator
Phone: 703-827-5274