How do you assess your company’s productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness?
Do you know how your salary and benefit packages measure up?

When your company participates in Back Office Benchmarking Surveys you’ll receive the answers to these questions in personalized reports and interactive dashboards.

One of a kind - No other survey provides information tailored specifically to your company business structure and types of products in the manufacturing technology industry.

Confidential – Surveys are conducted by an independant consultant No identifying company information is ever revealed to association staff, AMT members, or any other party.

The following surveys are open through April 30, 2016:

Financial Performance

  • How much profit your company makes on every dollar it sells
  • Demonstrate your financial strength and ability to banks and lenders

Executive Compensation

  • Salary, benefits, and perks are broken down by line of business and geographic region
  • Plan for your next budget cycle with up-to-date salary increases by company sales volume

Operating Metrics

  • Compare your on-time performance and service contracts to your competitors
  • Analyze your machine utilization by business segment, sales volume and profitability